Why engaging in Philanthropy and giving back to the society feels right? – Jonah Engler

November 4, 2020

When you talk about giving back to the community, it should begin at the earliest. You do not have to sacrifice your accomplishment or stop growing. It implies the ability to adjust to a lifestyle where you can spare some time, effort, and money for the more challenged members of your society and exclude yourself from the constant rat-race to become more prosperous. Philanthropy is a devotional and generous act, as said by Jonah EnglerIt encompasses uplifting the standard of living of poor people through some effort on your part.  

Significance of Philanthropy emphasized by Jonah Engler

Philanthropy gives rise to various opportunities for the members of the community. In addition to solving their social issues, it also lends a hand to administer the less privileged education and offer them scholarships through universities. Every member of society must adopt a lifestyle based on humanitarian grounds and consider him responsible for society’s welfare.

Here are a few factors which explain why being benevolent is essential, and why giving back to your society should be your liability:

It is a virtuous act

If you are privileged to have a roof over your head, garment on your body, and food on your plate, you must be considerate to contribute to the less fortunate’s betterment. A small act of compassion can change many lives. Service to humanity is a great thing to do and gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction when you can satiate someone’s hunger. Philanthropy revives the belief in humanity. Many areas of your society might be lacking resources for various things. An act of kindness, a little empathy, and a sweet smile can make the world a beautiful place.

If you wish to see a change, begin with yourself

With the rising oppression, there is a sharp rise in the quantum of deprived and needy people. At such trying times, if you can set aside a small portion of your wealth for the disadvantaged, individually or in a team, it will positively impact many lives. Countless people below the poverty line stripped of the basic amenities in life. Some are even devoid of two meals a day. Your generosity can save lives and enhance your mental wellness as you see the spark of happiness in lonely eyes.

You can partake in this act of kindness, either individually or get involved in a non-profit organization to end deprivation and hunger through your philanthropic actions.

Giving elicits gratitude 

When you provide a needy person, the smile on their face and the indebtedness they show gives you the world’s happiness. Giving evokes feelings of appreciation among the giver as well as the receiver. It restores faith in the human race and improves the quality of life. You must be thankful for every aspect of your life and ensure that you can make it worth living for those around you. 

If you want to enhance your mental peace, the best way to do it is by engaging yourself in philanthropic acts.

This sort of change takes a lot of perseverance. You must surround yourself with philanthropic activities and do your bit to change lives such that your society can grow to become more generous and compassionate towards one another.


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