What To Expect From Lord Howe Island Packages

November 19, 2020

With the entire world being shut off from each other since the outbreak of COVID-19, there can be quite the uncertainty when booking a holiday through a travel agency. Still, the travel and tourism industry are slowly getting back on its feet and agents are providing better deals and packages than ever before. 

If you are considering a breakaway from your busy life, then a quick flight from Australia to Lord Howe island should definitely be an option. Having only space for 400 tourists at any given time, the island provides the utmost exclusivity and privacy to anyone looking to relax. 

The island is a UNESCO world heritage site, which means that it is almost untouched. With only 350 permanent residents, all visitors can be guaranteed an amazing travel experience once they reach the island. 

Compared to other islands with crystal clear waters, Lord Howe is fully protected to ensure it maintains its pristine natural fauna and flora. Because of its exclusivity, it can be quite difficult to create your own trip if you are not sure where the best spots to stay and go is. For anyone who wants to see more of the island, they can use a travel agency to book a Lord Howe island package. 

But what can you expect from such a package? Here are a few things that will most definitely be part of it: 

Better Prices and Deals

It is no secret that travel agencies have the best contacts when it comes to accommodation, dining, and experiences. Especially for amateur travelers, it is not that easy to book an entire trip with a specific budget if you are not clued up on all the ins and outs. 

Because Lord Howe has such limited space available, you might end up paying much more than anticipated. This is where you need the help from a professional. 

Agents who have built good relationships with the service providers on the island can receive special prices and deals on meals, activities, and accommodation. 

When you book the trip yourself, you have to individually book every single aspect of your trip. This will usually include flight tickets, travel while on the island, restaurants, extra activities, treatments, and accommodation. Once all of these singular costs have been added up, you will be shocked at the total amount. 

Lord Howe Island Packages can include all-inclusive choices that gives you the freedom to pay one big amount instead of incurring loads of smaller expenses. As an added bonus, they might even include a few free activities into the package deals.

Travel agencies will also have package prices available to potential travelers. These costs will usually remain the same for that year and only increase by the next. This will give travelers the opportunity to plan and save money ahead. For more tips on budgeting and saving for a Lord Howe island holiday getaway, read this simple guide: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/86766/8-smart-tips-budgeting-holiday-expenses

Specific Options 

Travel agents have the knowledge of what all kinds of travelers want, they can cater to different needs according to their experience with travelers from all over the world. After a lot of research, travel agents can put together great package deals that appeals to different demographics. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family, or a big group of friends, they will have options available that suits your needs. 

Ranging from the size of the group to the number of nights, there are packages for all kinds of budgets and group sizes. 

Most plans are customizable and appeal to a specific kind of traveler. Choose between 3, 4, 7, and 10-night packages at ocean view apartments for families of 3, 4, or 5, solo traveling experiences for those in search of solitude, or activity-specific packages where you can indulge in a luxury retreat at a lodge or enroll in a golf tournament. 

When you pay for an already-planned-out package, you will save a lot since you do not have to pay per person but rather per group. 

A Unique Experience

When you are not familiar with a certain country, city, or island, then you might not book all the activities and must-sees the island has to offer. Even the best location can turn into a horrible experience if you do not book according. To turn a bland holiday into an unforgettable experience, you need some inside information. 

Consultants will be able to recommend must-see places and must-do activities. You would not want to visit the island without exploring the picturesque rainforests, interesting volcanic peaks, and gorgeous beaches. Furthermore, you do not want to miss out on diving and seeing the lush ocean life or the beautiful, rare birds on the shore. 

Other exclusive experiences include:

  • Rent a kayak and go kayaking around the island
  • Feeding fish in the shallow water at the beach
  • Deep diving around the Admiralty Islands
  • Explore surrounding sea arches and caves
  • Go on a boat trip
  • Snorkeling around the island
  • Stand up paddle board close to the shore and view the fish in the crystal-clear waters
  • Scout for sea turtles
  • Enjoy birdwatching through the forest
  • Visit the island museum
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset at numerous different locations
  • You might even get to see the island’s creepy endemic stick bug, rediscovered about 20 years ago, it was once thought to be extinct

Read this list for more fun and adventurous things you can do on the island. 

Since the island re-opened its doors October 2020, it will be able to provide guests with its ever-so-popular scenic views, gorgeous ocean waters, and luxurious stays. Be rest assured, that all operations on the island will follow a strict COVID-19 safety plan to ensure the health of all its visitors. 

Staying in a luxury resort on the Lord Howe Hotel is worth it. Whether you decide to stay for 3 nights or 7, you will be able to see the unspoiled island that David Attenborough described as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘unbelievable’. 

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