A Perfect Weekend: Six Best Camping Sites In Atlanta

November 20, 2020

If you are going to America, Atlanta ought to be on the first spot on your list. Atlanta is a developing, multiracial city in the core of southern America. It is the capital of the magnificent state of Georgia, United States. 

The city has an overall fast aura, particularly good vacationer locations, incredible diner sites, and preserved history previews, especially from the 1960s. 

The city was a huge deal in the ongoing civil war at that time. There are innumerable social attractions or tourist spots as we say that contribute significantly to the idiosyncrasy and significance of this beautiful city. 

Tourism in Atlanta

Atlanta most likely offers an immense range of vacationer locations and joint spots to local people, ensuring a good vacation spot for tourists from all around the globe. From exhibition halls and museums catching the excellence of South American customs to the celestial kinds of the south.

Despite the type of vacation, you are going for, you can undoubtedly put in a couple of days in the city. Searching for engaging activities in Atlanta is not hard however getting mindful of how the city capacities and how you can take advantage of your outing matters a ton. 

If you are new to investigating the miracles of “New York of the South”, make yourself cozy and read this article as far as possible to get a good sight on what to do while you are in the adventurous city of Atlanta so you never run out on fun things to do in Atlanta.

We have some data on the Atlanta attractions that you would not have any desire to pass up.

Best Camping Sites in Atlanta

Atlanta, as I have made quite clear, is a city known for non-stop fun and non-stop adventure. While we are talking about camping, it is obvious that camping does know its way around a person’s heart.  

When you escape the metropolitan zone in Atlanta. There are trails, woodlands, lakes, and waterways or lakes to investigate out in the provincial zones, so whichever campsite area you pick, you’re certain to discover adventure and fun.

The following are mentioned some beautiful and most loved amongst the tourist campsites and parks.

Red Top Mountain State Park

  • Red Top Mountain calls out to you with its peaceful aura. It is one of the many attraction sites and many state parks that are loved by the vacationers looking desperately for some semblance of sanity.
  • What makes Red Top Mountain particularly unique is Lake Altoona. There is a jogging path close to the base folding over the lake and there cannot be about a finer spot for a good hike than that. The path is wide enough you can run two by two easily yet limited enough for people to talk, laugh about it, and see pet walkers and give bikers way, etc. 
  • All the fun things you can envision doing yourself at a mountain with a lake and campgrounds are there. Simple road trip from the city and an awesome method to recuperate from the week by the week hustle-bustle of a busy life.

Stone Mountain Campsite

  • People adore the scenic beauty of this campground, it is magnificent and is also well kept, as in its real pollution and gunk free.
  • A clean environment. Presently this is considered to be considered a great RV resort destination. Lovely green and nation club as you wind your way back to the campgrounds.
  • You can see Stone Mountain on the drive-in and an excellent lake at the base of the mountain even if you do not have a trailer do not let that stop you. They also lease Yurts and Tents on a stage at the edge of the lake with a rear.
  • Not just that, if you are staying with family, they have activities for you to engage in like laser shows kayak, and SUP rentals and there are also hiking trails.
  • They also provide tent-only sites, WIFI, and a space that is also welcome for pets.

McKinney Campground

  • There are 150 campgrounds, all with 50 amp electric and water hookups. A few campgrounds are viewed as exceptional, which implies they are open on one side to the shore of Lake Altoona.
  • McKinney Campground likewise has hot showers and a coin clothing office. The bathrooms and six of the campgrounds are impeded available. There are many pull-through for RVs.
  • This facility is 35 miles away from Atlanta. There are some smaller cities with natural sites as well. 
  • The campsites are huge and very much divided from each other thus proving you the privacy you need.
  • The sites have nice level, concealed spots. Simply ensure you check the size of the site when you reserve your spot.
  • Deer are abundant and can be seen all over the place.

Sweetwater Creek Yurt Village

  • Sweetwater Creek is an extraordinary spot for tent outdoors, yet the waterside yurt town is the genuine star.
  • It is settled in a calm and genuinely isolated piece of the recreation center, in addition to there is warmth for those cold fall evenings.
  • At the point when you’re abhorring the perspectives from your yurt, lease a kayak to skim on the water for a day. What is more, on the off chance that you brought your shaft, the George Sparks Reservoir inside the recreation center is a famous fishing spot. There is even a waterside lure shop.

High Falls State Park

With two campsites and a crude oar in the site, High Falls State Park offers a decision between lake and riverside outdoors – indeed a blissful and popular Atlanta attraction

  • High Falls is known for water sports, but on the other hand, its home to more than 100 camping areas, six yurts, and an oar in a crude campsite. During the day, swim, kayaking, or hang at the 650-section of the land lake. At the point when the sun begins to set, set up a shelter on the terrain.  
  • The 650-section of land High Falls Lake is known as one of Georgia’s best positions for fishing mixture and white bass, while climbers appreciate perspectives on the tumbling Towaliga River on 4.5 miles of trail.
  • Guests can lease boats or kayaks to investigate the water and appreciate outside fun like swimming and geocaching.

Historic Banning Mills

Historic banning mills is also an outdoor space good for camping where you can experience resort and retreat focus on 300 acres of woodland, complete with notable Civil War-period plant ruins. 

  • Single-word treehouse. Here, you can rent a two-man treehouse complete with a sovereign bed, chimney, running water, and a back deck sitting above Snake Creek Gorge.  
  • Furthermore, if heightened areas are not your thing, there are likewise comfortable bungalows and lodges, a Jacuzzi suite, and a day spa to go with their arrangement of great open-air experiences.  
  • Still not persuaded? Banning Mills at present holds not one, but rather two Guinness World Records. One for the longest zip line visit and another for the tallest unsupported climbing wall.


Start a bonfire. See some stars. Get up with the morning light, all the things you can never do in the city are the best part about the outdoors. Gather a sack. These stunning campgrounds close to Atlanta are only a short excursion away. Camping is one of the most fun things to do in Atlanta. 

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