Fun Indoor And Outdoor Party Ideas For Kids

December 1, 2020

A face spattered with cake and a high-pitched laugh — moments like these are what make birthdays special. While adulting is a buzzkill that sucks the fun out of them, for children, birthday parties hold a lot of significance. Not only do children associate birthday celebrations with getting older and feeling loved, but the celebration holds other psychological benefits for them as well.

This is why it is essential to treat your kids to presents and memorable get-togethers with their friends. However, the entire thing can be tedious with so much planning and work to get done. The biggest question is what theme you should go for and how you can get started with it:

How To Go About Arranging Fun Indoor And Outdoor Parties

First of all, decide your budget. Next, decide the names you want to include in the invitation list. If you are planning on following the DIY route, there is a lot that you will need to arrange. From food to catering, the theme, the seating, and the games, work and expenses can both pile up. Wondering which theme you should select? Here are some indoor and outdoor party ideas that can give you some inspiration:

Installing Party Tent

Party tent hire is a great way to celebrate your birthday or any special event. It’s a fun way to celebrate the birthday of any occasion. The party tent also allows the host to watch the guests from inside without having to be right on top of them. It’s a good idea to hire an outdoor marquee party tent for your child’s birthday party. The tent can provide a fun and safe environment for children to play during the afternoon. Get your party started in style with hire of a party tent.

Set Up Hogwarts

Who does not love Harry Potter? Everyone between the age bracket of birth to death does! At least, that is what Potterheads believe. If your kid is a big fan of the Potterverse, he is going to love this idea. You can get started by getting invites printed in the style of Hogwarts’ acceptance letters. Arrange Harry Potter-themed props and get a custom Quidditch cake made.

Sorting hats can work as birthday caps to decide which children should go into which house and you can hang DIY floating candles as well. Do not forget to ask everyone to follow the theme and show up in robes and scarves.  

Treat The Kids To An Ice Cream Day

If your child’s birthday falls in the summer, you can celebrate it outdoors in the park following an ice-cream theme. Apart from ice-cream, ice-cakes, and other sweet treats can be served as snacks. To make things more fun, make ice-cream cone headbands too. Keep the colors pastel and set up a cute ice-cream bar.

Make sure the bar offers several flavors, so that kids get to choose their favorites. You do not want any kids to go back home with a sullen face.

Give Them The Best Camping Experience

Children are always excited for camping. If your kid would rather have an adventurous birthday complete with a sleepover, this theme would be a great idea. You can either invest in tents for children or choose the DIY path and make one by using bedsheets. Attach glow in the dark stars or fairy lights on the ceiling to give a complete outdoor vibe.

The big game of the night can be scavenger hunting. You can go about arranging this by hiding relevant toys in the room. Serve marshmallows and hot dog buns as snacks. Also, be sure to deliver a spooky story before tucking all the kids in their sleeping bags.

Make Them Feel Royal

Make the kids feel like they belong to a royal family by setting up a kingdom themed birthday party. To go about this, you can get paper crowns for party caps. You can serve a massive prince or princess themed cake. Arrange a long makeshift table and keep cushions as chairs. A DIY throne can also be placed, and sword fighting can be one of the games. If your child is a Disney fan, the kingdom can be from one of his favorite stories. Your birthday child can get to be the king.

Celebrate An Archery-Themed Birthday Outdoors

You can also choose archery for a theme. The cake can have arrow-shaped candles. You can make goody bags at home that match the theme. What is more, make invitation cards that follow the theme by finding a free template online. Of course, the main goal here would be to arrange archery games. Alternatively, you can celebrate an outdoor party with Combat Archery Edmonton.

Holiday-Themed Party

If your little one’s birthday falls on the holiday season, organize a separate celebration for their special day. Adults may not mind if you celebrate their birthday together with the holiday, but for children, their birthdays are very special to them. With that said, throw a holiday-themed birthday party to jive with the festive season.

Make sure to send out holiday-themed birthday invitations to your kids’ friends and their parents weeks ahead to give them enough time to respond. Prepare a feast fit for the holiday season and party favors to make the party extra special and unforgettable.

Wrap Up

Arranging birthday parties for kids can be hectic. From the organization to the point of cleaning when everyone leaves, at least some extra help is required. Pick a theme that you are sure your child will enjoy. At the end of the day, all the efforts that you put in will be worth the smile on your kid’s face!

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