Top 7 Reasons to Visit Cali?

December 2, 2020

Do you have any knowledge about Cali? If you don’t know, you will get a bundle of knowledge about Cali via this blog. So audience, let me tell you Cali is not a strange city; it is the undisputed salsa capital and Narcos final season star. The place has something great for you! Guess what! Tempting food, nature on its doorstep, and what else? A quirky cat park.

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Travelers! This blog will help you out with seven exciting reasons to visit Cali. Let’s start with the chit-chat about the place.

Cali – The Salsa Capital

All the dance lovers, Cali has a surprise for you! Have you ever listen to Cali is to Salsa, just like Buenos Aires is to tango. The place is jam-packed with all the salsa stadium and dance clubs. Cali let dance on the beats of Salsa. If you love Salsa, be ready to rock and roll.

Breathtaking Churches

Christmas is coming! You will love to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday in the Cali church on the hilltop. So, excited to travel to Cali? If yes, book your tickets via spirit airlines official site.

Colorful local cuisine

Do you have a sweet tooth? Probably we all have; go to Cali and have Cholado, the dessert is made up with mixed fruits doused with condensed milk that too of hearty slurp. The second dish is corn soup, known as Campus.



Cali is developed with a variety of barrios. And the city is known for great writers and artists. The café scene is the heartbeat of the café. What you can do is? Book one seat in any café, have some tasty sweets and enjoy your evening in Cali


Nature is the gift to the place

Cali is the place where you will see natural beauty, forest, mountains, and you can cool off on weekends to the local places.

Want to get more tips? Why spend holidays at home when you can go to Cali.

Cali has a cat park.

Surprisingly! There is a cat park. A statue of a cat is there, which was created by a Colombian artist. The park has got the attention of many visitors.

Narcos is on!

The Narcos series is on Netflix is bang on! And it is shot in the location of Cali. So yes, Go to Cali and check out where Narcos was shooted.

The above all the reasons shows that yes, Cali is an exciting place to spend your time! So, please book your tickets via spirit airlines reservations on its official website and get a bag full of crazy discounts.

Final Words

The craziness of Cali won’t let you spend your free days at your place. So do plan your trip soon to get great tour packages via spirit airlines. Yes, the best time has started as 2020 is about to end; you end it on a great note by spending your vacations at Cali.

We are waiting to get your call! Hold on to tour packages of Cali and enjoy your vacations.

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