Amazing Holiday Gifts That Grandparents Will Love

December 21, 2020

Are you stumped about what presents to give to the grandparents? Don’t worry! Take a look at these four amazing holiday gift ideas:

A Painting of Their Home

It’s a simple, thoughtful and heart-warming gift that they’re sure to love.

Go online to see what artists are offering to do custom paintings on commission. All you will have to do is send them a good-quality picture as a prompt, and they will do the rest. To save money and time, you can commission a digital piece and then print the PDF. Then the only thing that you have to do is find a nice frame.

This is an ideal present for the grandparent that might be moving in the near future. Maybe they’re downsizing to a smaller apartment or moving into a senior retirement community. If they haven’t chosen a retirement community just yet, they should look at the options for seniors housing in Whitby to see if it would be a good fit for their needs. There are spacious apartments, professional care services and excellent amenities that residents benefit from all year long.

Why is it an ideal present for the grandparent that’s moving out? They can easily carry a piece of their long-time home and put it up in their new one. It will be a beautiful memento to hang on their wall.


Houseplants are incredible gifts for grandparents who have green thumbs. If they’re the type of person to always toil in the garden during the spring and summer, then you should give them a present that lets them continue their love of gardening, even when it’s snowing outside. Take a look at the best indoor plants to see which one would be the perfect choice for their kitchen windowsill or dining room table. 

If they don’t live anywhere nearby and you need to send a gift from a distance, you can send them indoor garden kits — these are guaranteed to survive the long trip to their address.

An E-reader

This is a wonderful idea for the grandparent that always has a nose in a book. E-readers can hold a giant bookcase worth of reading material inside of them. They’re also very senior-friendly. They’re lightweight, so readers with joint problems don’t hurt their wrists. They have adjustable font and lighting options, so readers with vision problems don’t have to struggle through pages. 

And what’s an e-reader without a few books on it? Browse the best books of the year and see which ones you think they would like to have at the top of their reading list. If you can’t pick one, give them a gift card to encourage them to fill up those digital shelves.

Photos of the Grandkids

Of course, they would want photos of the grandkids! You could give them a simple family portrait, or you could get creative and put together a calendar, flipbook or collage just for them. It will be so much more meaningful to have a bunch of family photos sitting on their mantle than scrolling on their phone and finding them on social media.

The grandparents won’t just love your present on Christmas morning.They’ll love it every day after that, too.

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