The Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Toronto

December 22, 2020

As the Capital of Ontario, Toronto is always one of the top places that wanderlusts would like to visit. Why? It’s about the overall fusion of modern city life and nature vibes that you’ll get upon stepping in this amazing city.

To make the most of your stay in Toronto, here are the Top 5 Places you need to visit in Toronto before your tour ends.

1. The Beautiful Toronto Islands

During the summertime, the island comes to life with its sunny weather, beautiful sand beaches, and soothing water. No wonder all vacationers would prefer a chill stay at a nearby beach house. A lot of restaurants and cafes adorn the beachfront. You will enjoy fun entertainment and outdoor activities as well. The Toronto Islands will never have a dull moment. It’s equally lovely throughout the year. Are you looking for a perfect beach house? Condo Mapper has excellent listings just for you. 

2. The Lively Yonge-Dundas Square

The best way to interact with locals in Toronto is by hanging out here at Yonge-Dundas Square. This lively area never fails to impress by its unlimited entertainment and food offerings. Spend the rest of the night here and check out the nearby bars and clubs with your friends. Witness great talents as they perform unique compositions and graceful dance moves. It’s a great way to cap off the night.

3. The Suspense at the CN Tower’s Edgewalk

If you’re looking for some suspense and thrill, head to the CN Tower’s exhilarating edge walk. You’re sure to face your fears and overcome them by finishing the open-air walk attraction. Don’t worry, because it’s 100% safe to do this activity. You will have a secured harness and a proper briefing before you do the walk. But remember, you shouldn’t have any illness when joining this activity. For more

4. The Artsy Harbourfront Centre

For the lover of arts, this is the best spot for you. The Harbourfront Centre has a lot to offer, especially with intricate and unique art spaces. Time your visit for their amazing arts festival where they showcase different forms of artistic disciplines such as literature, film, music, dance, theatre, and a lot more! After a fun time of roaming around, organize a picnic on the waterfront, and admire the beautiful sunset. And don’t forget your camera for that picture-perfect moment! 

5. Visit Kariya Park

If you’re a fan of Japanese nature, they have one park here in Toronto that you should check out. Kariya Park is an instagrammable spot throughout the year, whatever the season. But the perfect time to go is during spring, where all the cherry blossoms are at its blossoming peak. Don’t forget to strut your pose and make memories with your loved ones and friends here. It’s definitely a worthy stopover away from the bustling city. 

Toronto has more things to offer than these. Don’t hesitate to explore and get lost in the city. Remember, it’s when we’re lost that we find what we’re looking for.

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