How to Maintain Designer Handbags’ Worth And Quality

January 1, 2021

When people start collecting handbags, they often run into several problems that can spoil their expensive investments. The most reoccurring problem which people face after buying designer handbags is how to store them. The issue is widespread, due to which it is the most frequently asked question from fashion experts and bloggers. People are always looking for methods and techniques to safely store their luxury handbags so that they always remain in pristine condition.

According to the experts, people must follow a few key things to ensure their handbags are in mint condition. Bags that get properly taken care-of last longer, and if their owner wishes to resale them, then perfect condition becomes even more necessary. 

Fill the Bags.

The first thing that experts suggest performing is to fill the handbags up when they are not being used. The best things to fill the bags with are non-scented tissue rolls and bubble wrapping. In the filling process, people often go overboard and fill the bags beyond their holding limit, which results in zipping issues and causes wear and tear on the exterior as well. So, people should stuff their bags appropriately according to their holding limit.

Positioning and Storage

Next comes up the place where people store their handbags. Positioning and storage are vital in prolonging the longevity of bags. The best thing to hold a designer luxurious handbag is none other than the box they are presented in when purchased. But in the unfortunate scenario that someone has lost the box or has forgotten its whereabouts, other containers can also be used. A box whose circumference is one centimeter greater than that of the handbag is an ideal storage candidate. The extra breathing space helps handbags maintain their shape and keeps away external wear and tear. If people do not have enough space to keep the boxes then, they should place the handbags flat and in dustproof bags.

A mistake that people make while storing their handbags is that they keep them in the same places where they keep metal accessions. If such accessories get pressed against the bags by any chance, then their exterior can get damaged excessively. The damage becomes even more prominent when the material of the handbags is soft. People should store such things separately or in different boxes so that their expensive goods can remain damage-free. 

Some people think that hanging bags is an appropriate way of storing them, but that is not the case. Prolonged hanging can destroy the handbags’ shape and can loosen the bond between straps and the body. Experts suggest not coming in unnecessary contact with the bags that people do not use. If people are holding an extensive collection, they should make name tags for each handbag to quickly find the item they are looking for without touching the others. This step also applies to maintaining the quality of designer shoes.

Appropriate Covers

Appropriately covering handbags is another thing that needs to be taken care of by the owners. Experts suggest covering the handbags with the help of the dustproof bags they are presented with by the brands. In case that the dustproof bag has gone missing or was not given with the handbags, people can then use cotton pillow covers for covering purposes. White covers are best for storing handbags as mixed or multi-colored covers can imprint damaging colors on the bags.


The steps mentioned above combined with respectful handling and treatment of the bags can drastically improve their durability and pristine. The last thing to keep in mind while handling handbags is never cleaning them unnecessarily.  By following all these points, people can successfully save their designer handbags from any wear and tear and keep the handbags’ initial freshness intact for extended periods.


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