Practices That Can Prolong Jewelry Items’ Life

January 9, 2021

It is no hidden fact that the quality of jewelry items, especially ones made from silver, falls after some time. There are a lot of elements that can cause the quality of the jewelry to diminish. People often believe that they are taking great care of their accessories and jewelry, but after sometimes wear and tear start to appear on them, and people get confused about why it was happening. Some jewelry items are so delicate that even the wearer’s body can cause their quality to diminish. Luckily, there are practices that can ensure that the jewelry’s quality does not fade away. 

Taking proper care of jewelry is not a simple process where a few irregular cleanings would do the trick. People must frequently check their jewelry for any signs of damages and must learn damage control techniques. People should follow the below points for adequately maintaining their jewelry. For more tips on taking care of your diamond jewelry.

Wear Jewelry At Last

A mistake that people often make is they wear their jewelry and expensive brand accessories early on while getting ready, which exposes them to unsuitable chemicals. After wearing jewelry, when people use products such as lotions, fragrances, and hair sprays, the chemicals start to affect the jewelry’s material negatively. After regular exposure, they become completely tarnished. People should make a habit of using their chemical products first and wearing jewelry only after they have been put on. 

Chemical products being a damaging element for jewelry does not mean that people should stop using them. Still, if people want to keep the quality of their jewelry intact, then they should start practicing some safe habits.

Keep Jewelry Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to the sun can harm many things, and jewelry and accessories are one of them. An extended list of gems and jewelry materials get affected by sunlight, and constant exposure to it can lead them to rapidly lose their charm and elegance.  

Among the list of affected, pearl jewelry is highly ranked as they get rigorously discolored when placed in sunlight for long periods. Ambers and other gemstones cannot stand the sun’s heat as it takes away their moisture, resulting in crack formation.

The form that jewelry takes after constant sun exposure and heat is not elegant in any sense or shape. The affected jewelry quickly losses all its worth, and any resale value which it previously had also gets diminished. Such jewelry can also stain the wearer’s skin and, in some extreme cases, can cause allergy. When not in use, people should store away their jewelry safely and in ideal conditions. The perfect condition being away from light and heat. If people are wearing counterfeit or fake jewelry or luxury, then the damage would be more rapid and severe.     

Store Away Jewelry When Performing Chores

People who own jewelry usually love wearing country wedding rings and have a great attachment to it as well. Some people are so much obsessed with their jewelry that the idea of removing it never crosses their mind, but continuously wearing jewelry can cause significant harm to it. House chores such as cleaning involve using various chemicals and handling different objects, which can all cause considerable damage to the jewelry.

Certain cleaning chemicals are hazardous for jewelry and can easily discolor even the most expensive jewelry items. People who do not have the habit of removing their jewelry should start using gloves when they perform chores. Gardening is another chore that can take away the pristine from jewelry quickly. So, when performing it, people should remove any jewelry they are wearing.


Other than these things, people should keep their jewelry away from water. Jewelry items should especially be kept away from swimming pools, bathtubs, and showers because, in all of them, chemicals are involved in some capacity. Lastly, people should learn how and when to clean their jewelry and where to store it afterward. The people who use these practices can rest assured that their jewelry item would not sustain any damage and its quality would remain intact for a very long period.

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