Tips for Buying Vintage Gucci Shoe at an Affordable Price

January 10, 2021

We all live in a modern world where our choices have become modern too. However, some vintage things look classy and chic. There are two kinds of people in the world: love shopping for clothes and others who love shoes. If you are here, you must be a shoe lover looking to buy vintage shoes. Owning a Gucci seems like owning a Mercedes that you can show off for years. However, it is not easy to spot a Gucci vintage and that too at an affordable price. We have some quick tips that you can use to buy a Gucci vintage piece and a relatively low cost.

How to Spot a Vintage Gucci Shoe at an Affordable Price?

If you want to buy a Gucci shoe, then you must look for it everywhere. You cannot buy the first pair you see until you have money to spare. It takes a lot of research and a significant amount of waiting to find the pair your desire at an affordable price. A few marketplaces and online platforms do keep pre-loved pairs that you can have a look at. 

Social Media Pages

We all appreciate social media and its power; you can find anything if you look for it. A lot of people sell their pre-loved items at such an affordable price on their page. You have to use the right hashtags to find a pair you love. It is highly likely for you not to find anything you like in the first few days. However, you must explore platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to look for a Gucci pair. On the other hand, you must ask for receipts and a box of the shoe before making the purchase. 

Thrift Stores

We genuinely underestimate the power of thrift stores, but they have some fantastic stuff. If you are particularly looking for a pre-loved Gucci shoe, you must search in the shoe aisle. A person is likely to find some right high-end pieces at a throwaway price. The shoes at the thrift store are not in the best shape. However, you should be able to evaluate the potential of a particular piece. If you find the shoelaces dirty or the edges dirty, you can easily wash them or replace the laces to make them brand new. There are many vintage shoe cleaning methods available online that can guide you in making the shoe brand new.

Buy on Sale

Well, you have to be a big pro to be able to find high-end pieces on sale. If you like a particular pair of shoes, then you must add them to your wish list. It is pivotal to keep track of sales and deal on the shoe you like. On the other hand, many apps allow you to make a wish list and notify you whenever the brand has an on-going sale.

Gucci is an international brand with millions worth of revenue each year. You can look at other countries’ sales and order online if the total cost is less than what you will pay in your own country. On the other hand, you can also ask someone coming from abroad to bring the package for you. The whole arrangement can save you from paying hefty custom charges. 




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