Social Media And Gambling: Is Facebook The Largest Online Casino To Play Slots For Free Out There?

January 19, 2021

You do not need to go to Las Vegas or subscribe to an online casino site to play casino games. Social media gambling is such a common activity that it is offered on every platform, and almost all platform members try their luck at least once. Facebook has become one of the largest slots for free gaming platforms today. 61% of social media users prefer to play casino games on Facebook. So, what is the reason for the popularity of social media gambling? Could Facebook really be considered the internet’s biggest online casino? In this article about social gambling, we answer all these questions. 

Social Gambling Is A Little Different From Regular Gambling

Social media is one of the most effective tools to gain customer loyalty. Advertising agencies know this fact and have been using social media platforms for decades to promote their products and grow their customer bases. Of course, gambling companies also benefit from the advantages of these platforms. First of all, they can interact with the players directly.

To understand what this means, we first need to talk about how online casinos work. Games on casino sites do not actually belong to the casino. They are developed by different companies, and the casino management leases them for a certain period of time. In other words, it is not possible for developer companies to reach players directly: The online casino acts as a kind of intermediary between players and companies.

Social media gambling is different: Developer companies can offer their games directly to players. The social media platform is still an intermediary, but it does not interfere with this interaction in any way. This allows companies to find out what their player base likes, dislikes, and wants to see. In regular gambling, this is not possible either: The feedback is limited to what the online casino management offers. However, through social media, it is possible for these companies to communicate without intermediaries with the customer base they address.

Another difference in social gambling is that it is completely free. Facebook only allows playing casino games for real money in a few countries. In most of the world, these games can only be tried for free. However, some in-game purchases are still possible. For example, you cannot earn real money by playing poker on Facebook, but the chips required to play poker can be purchased with real money. This practice is also valid for mobile stores such as Play Store and App Store. Social gambling is largely free, and only in-game purchases are allowed. In online casinos, you can play real money games at no cost only if you use free bonus casino no deposit codes.

This method is still profitable for developer companies. Since they do not have a middleman, the income from in-game purchases goes directly to them. Moreover, it is still possible to rent the real money version of the same game to online casinos. Today, there are even developer companies established solely to develop casino games for social media platforms.

But It Is Also Not That Different

But ultimately, games on social media platforms are still gambling. The rules and winning chances of games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker are the same. The only difference is that players have no chance to win real money. Moreover, they still need to use real money to participate in some games. This is a much different design than classic casino games: In regular online casinos, you pay real money to play games and get real wins — if you are lucky enough. In social casino games, you still pay real money, but you never get real wins. The only thing you can win is virtual chips and achievements. It is obvious that this commercial model is much more profitable. The secret that social casino games can achieve this is that they still offer the “free game” option. For example, you can play free poker three times a day. But if you want to play for the fourth time, you have to pay. As can be guessed, many players want to play for the fourth time.

In this context, Facebook can be considered the center of social gambling and hosts the largest number of casino games. It is not possible to give an exact number, but there are certainly more games on this social media platform than any other online casino. Therefore, it is possible to say that Facebook is indeed the biggest casino site in the world, and developer companies earn more than ever due to the nature of the system we explained above.

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