How To Pick The Perfect Temporary Wallpaper For Your Main Living Room

January 26, 2021

If your living room lacks luster, then temporary wallpaper may just be the thing to give it that much-needed upgrade of pattern and color. Nowadays, removable wallpapers are enjoying their comeback, thanks to modern living room wallpaper designs and patterns. They are easy to apply and perfect for renters as they are just peel-and-stick papers. 

Temporary wallpapers also come with a lot of options from metallic to dramatic along with large-scale nature-inspired textures to transform your living room.  

Living room wallpaper designs are great for creating an accent wall and to also camouflage imperfect walls. 

If papering your living room seems a little intimidating, then we are here to help you pick the perfect wallpaper for your main living room. 

How Much Wallpaper Will I Need?

To calculate the square footage of your living room walls, you will need to do some math. 

  • Total the width (in feet) of each wall, then multiply that number by the ceiling height (in feet); round up the answer to make it simpler to calculate. 
  • Remember it is better to allow a little extra for matching patterns to trim, or just in case there are some mistakes with the wallpaper application.
  • Next check the square footage per roll of the wallpaper you want to use.
  • Divide the total square footage of your room’s walls by the square footage of one roll of wallpaper.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Temporary Wallpaper For Your Main Living Room

  • Do you want your living room wallpaper designs to look like a dramatic focal point having a subtle backdrop or something in the middle? You can opt for bold colors along with large patterns to make your living room wallpaper stand out. 
  • Tonal pattern wallpapers are appropriate for background papering. Hence, best for bedrooms, living rooms, and larger rooms. 
  • Solid-color textures like grass-cloth, cork, or mica; or wallpapers with natural material such as marble are perfect to add depth to a room without dominating it. 
  • Wallpapers with vertical stripes make the ceilings look taller. Hence, a perfect choice for an old building with damaged living room walls. 

With temporary wallpapers, you can easily think beyond the wall. As temp wallpaper comes with easy removal, you can also put it at the back of the bookshelves, inside of the closets, and any other place that you want to draw attention to. 

Lastly, before you decide to buy temporary wallpaper, it is best to get a sense of scale. For this purpose look at pictures of the wallpaper placed on walls in a room. In this way, you can judge its scale as well as impact better. If it is possible, try to order a sample of the wallpaper first to see how it looks in your living room, and also how it is affected by both natural and artificial light. 

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