How to Smoke Weed Joints?

February 2, 2021

Are you all set to try a weed joint for the very first time? Though you may seem excited to experiment with something new, the whole thing can be quite scary if you do not know the right method to smoke it.

Vital Tips to Consider

Below are some vital pointers that you need to consider while smoking weed joints,

  • Recommended Consumption- For a novice user, the recommended consumption method will be either vaporizing or smoking because the dosage control will be quite easy to other methods of consumption. Smoking a joint includes the smoke that is released via the heated buds.


  • Dosage- A first-time smoker should inhale it one or two times to feel the powerful benefits of THC. First-timers are recommended to wait 20 minutes post smoking prior to taking additional inhalations because, over this period, the effects can get more pronounced. After getting more accustomed to the dosage preferred, one may take extra hits to experience a stronger effect. However, they must never feel pressured to finish a joint, as they can come back to this always.


  • Right Lighting Method- Not everyone follows the same process to light a joint. Everyone has a unique style. There is a technique involved to achieve it. Some prefer traditional lighters, and others prefer more natural hemp wicks to eliminate inhaling fuel. Keeping personal preferences aside, patience is key. Begin by putting flame on the tip only while rotating the joints slowly in the fingers.


  • Joint Smoking Etiquette- Regardless of one’s level of weed smoking experience, it is always vital to stay up to date on their joint etiquette.


  • Learn/Know the Limits- If one gets stoned out of their mind post one hit, they should feel free to pass on the weed joint in rotation. Their mission was to get high the first time they smoke a weed joint and not melting their entire face off. Most importantly, one should know their limits at all times and act accordingly.


  • Get Ready to Fall for Weed- In the case of some, weed can be love at first smoke. When they take the initial hit, they will feel the buzz in their eyelids, and they will right away know that they are smitten. Just like them, anyone else can feel the same. So, they should get prepared to embark on a groundbreaking, new relationship. Akin to any relationship, here too, things may become pricey. Thus, prior to going into this, it is vital to know the fact that this love is likely to leave their pockets taxed.


  • Hydrate- The moment one smokes weed, the receptors in their mouth will stop producing saliva, thus resulting in a cottonmouth or dry mouth. This dry mouth will no longer remain once the THC is flushed out of the system. While smoking weed, drinking an adequate amount of water is crucial for a couple of reasons such as relieves headache, decreases fatigue, quenches thirst, and reduces dry mouth. Most importantly, having water before smoking weed to prevent coughing. Weed smokers, especially first-timers, often cough as they learn to smoke. In fact, water can work wonders in relieving the itch and burn in their throat.

Hope first-time weed smokers can now take weed joints the right way.



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