Eric J Dalius – Insights to Hire a Business Coach for Growth

February 12, 2021
Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Running a business alone as a trial and error of own strategies can surely be a fulfilling experience for entrepreneurs. Still, it is equally tough to successfully manage the same by facing all the adversities too alone. Considering this, experts advise hiring a business coach as a smart move as an experienced coach’s opinions and insights may surely help you reach the fullest potential.

The US business coaching industry had witnessed tremendous grown in the last decade to a total worth of $12 billion, which highlights its impact on the business world. However, even professional business coaches may need other business coaches’ service to have a third-person view of their business to effectively understand, explore, and leverage the opportunities of their business establishments.

Hiring an expert business coach can help improve the leadership for all businesses and can better facilitate activities like fundraising and project management etc. However, there are many important considerations to make to identify and avail the ideal coach’s services. Further in this article, we will discuss some of the key parameters to consider while searching for a good business coach.

Tips on finding the best business coach by Eric J Dalius

  • The cost involved

Cost is an important primary consideration in choosing an ideal business coach, which most often depends on the business specialty, location, and expertise. Experts used to be so expensive, but it is also possible to find out more affordable coaches. Before searching for a coach, it is ideal to set your business budget and identify how much to set aside for business coaching services to avoid any over-extension in the future.

  • Engagement with the coach

This is a key consideration, but a bit complicated to get time engagement with a business coach as it is based on the service provider’s expertise and location. However, making arrangements for long‑enough and quality engagement with your business coach can surely increase your relationship with the professional and bring in better results once you start to engage full-time. You should set aside the time for meetings and follow up to ensure the best output from coaching.

  • Being prepare for change

To ensure optimum benefits from your engagement with the business coach, it is important to be fully prepared for the needed changes. The productivity of the business coaching relationship will depend not only on the coach’s service equality, as Eric J Dalius points out, but it is largely based on the preparedness of the business leadership to listen to the coaching insights to make necessary changes based on it.

  • Accountability and goal management

Audacious business goals are well understood by experienced coaches who can bring these to realization. However, managing business goals is not a quality of many entrepreneurs. By following the coaching guidelines, business owners need to maintain accountability to achieve various milestones and monitor progress against the set goals.

Considering all these benefits of having a business coach, it is highly recommendable for all types of businesses, especially aspiring start-ups, to improve the efficiency of their overall management, marketing, and fundraising activities.


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