What Are The Best Calisthenics Training Equipment For Fitness Workout?

February 20, 2021


Calisthenics training equipment is an excellent tool, especially for home workouts. Simultaneously, some are so handy that you can carry them to a calisthenics park or a local gym. The specialty of this equipment is that it helps a novice with different bodyweight exercises and, at the same time, is also an ideal choice for an advanced calisthenics practitioner.

A Brief on the Top 4Calisthenics Training Equipment

Although there is a long list of calisthenics training equipment, the top 4 are as follows,

  • Parallettes – These are used for different purposes thus come in an array of sizes and shapes. As it offers an additional grip, people find parallettes easy on the wrist. The best part is, they are portable, can be packed easily, and also efficiently carried around to the gym or a workout station. They offer a low height and safe platform on which people can practice planches, L-sits, and handstands with minimal risk.


  • Resistance Bands – This is highly versatile equipment that you can use for various purposes. They come in different types for different purposes. Each variety has a different thickness. Of all, the large one is hard to pull apart. The more thick a band is, the more challenging it is to exercise. However, it makes exercises that are band-assisted easy because they provide more support. People can tether long resistance bands to various inanimate objects like trees, poles, and bars and can be utilized for different types of exercises like band pushes and pulls, band deadlifts, and rows.


  • Weight Vest – These are an excellent means to train dips, push-ups, and pull-ups along with jumping squats and squats. In the case of lunges and standard squats, you will some extra weight will be needed. They come in different varieties. Some come with removable metal bricks, which you can remove to adjust the vest’s weight, while others have sandbags. Although sand is more highly preferred as it offers a better distribution of weight and the metal will not clank together, both work perfectly. These weight vests weigh somewhere around 10-30kgs. For best quality weighted vests, contact Gravgear online store.


  • Calisthenics Gloves – Last but not least are the calisthenics gloves. Its fundamental purpose is to prevent hands from becoming rough and also from calluses. Calluses occur as the user swings on the bar and/or does other forms of highly dynamic movements like muscle-ups. These gloves will help cut down friction on bars so the user will have fewer chances to rip.


However, the caveat is these generally reduce the grip, and thus dynamic skills of a high level can be an issue. Typically, these gloves are not compatible, especially with chalks. The fabric type will absorb it, while the chalk will potentially make the gloves slippery. Calisthenics gloves come in two varieties- fingerless gloves and full gloves. The former will offer more sensation and grip on the bar yet leaves the fingers more exposed to calluses.

The list also includes liquid chalk, foam roller, pull up bar, and ab roller, among others.

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