6 Healthy and Mouth-Watering Menu Ideas for Corporate Catering

February 26, 2021

Food has a significant impact on people’s lives, and it is important to remember this when you are planning a corporate catering menu. In some cases, you may want to break free from classical dishes and do something surprising for your next corporate event, celebration, or meeting. If so, you might get valuable ideas when you check out the following mouthwatering healthy menu options for your corporate catering. To make sure your event is successful, you might want to consider hiring a corporate catering company.

  • Beautiful Bite-Sized Finger Food Treats

Small-sized foods and snacks can be attractively presented. One of the modern themes in corporate catering is the reinterpretation of already known favorite foods. These are designed as yummy bite-sized pieces. If you plan a large corporate cocktail reception, look for something that can be funny, delicious, and effortless to prepare. Consider making your food smaller and bite-sized. These finger food treats can be stuffed with meatballs, gourmet slices, and tiny crab cakes as well as oysters. They can be presented beautifully and attractively, and the taste will be amazing.

  • Serve Healthy and Filling Sandwiches

Sandwiches are already a well-known option in corporate catering events. If it is a lunchtime event, it is ideal. However, in many cases, sandwiches are neither a big hit nor appealing to the crowd. Because of this, it is suggested that you kick up the look and flavor of sandwiches and offer mouthwatering choices. You might want to consider artisanal pieces of bread, locally produced cheeses, and an assortment of meats with interesting topping variants and spreads. You also have the option of providing a griddle on site for guests who want to grill their sandwiches.

  • Full Menu

You also have the option of providing your guests with a full menu. You must utilize fresh and local foods, which are trendy in the food world at the moment. It would help if you reflected this trend in your corporate catering. It opens people’s eyes to the simple foods that are sourced in the neighborhood, and it will keep your attendees energized throughout your corporate event since they will be filling up with a nutritious meal. Infuse your menu with the flavors of fresh ingredients instead of serving heavy foods. A “light and full” menu will gain praise. Keep in mind that although you will have a full menu on the table, everything you serve must be refreshing and light. This way, people will have the energy to mingle, network, and communicate, critical in corporate events. 

  • Afternoon Tea

Traditional cheese and ham never fail to be scrumptious. These are conventional comfort foods that can be appealing to your guests. Who can resist the call of plain white bread and the anticipation to squeeze in deli meats between the slices?

  • Sushi

A professional corporate catering company will include sushi as an option. Sushi has become a stand-out delicacy and can be served just like finger foods. It can be presented in creative ways. It is a healthy treat that is filling enough and has a fresh and clean taste. No one can resist beautifully presented sushi, and your employees and guests will surely line up and take a bite.

Although food will be the center of attention in a corporate event, keep in mind that it is not the show’s real star. Instead, you are conducting corporate events for your employees to interact and socialize. Because of this, a corporate menu will have specific requirements. Your menu should neither be too heavy nor rich. The menu should be healthy, light, and effortless to consume so that people can “work the crowd” and exchange pleasantries with everyone.

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