How To Shop For A New Mom

March 3, 2021

Shopping for a new mom can be a lot of fun. Whether it is self-care products to remind her to take care of herself the same way she does her little one or for products she can use with the baby, there are many options for new mothers. If you are buying for a baby shower, new arrival, or just because, here are some great gift ideas and ‘how-to’s when it comes to shopping for a new mom.

Remembering The Classics And Self-Care

New moms are often so busy taking care of their babies that they forget to engage in self-care. For the new mom on your list, the gift of jewelry can be the perfect way to remind her of how special she is after childbirth. A diamond necklace laced with gemstones from her baby’s birth month could be a great idea if you are trying to think of a gift she will treasure forever. As an engagement ring, a jewelry piece symbolizing this huge milestone in her life is something she will be able to treasure for a lifetime and pass on to future generations.

If the price tag of real jewelry is too steep right now, consider earrings or pendants that are more affordable to make her feel beautiful. Remember, too, that there are other ways to give a new mom the gift of self-care. A gift certificate to a day spa and offer to babysit, beauty and skincare products, a book, candles, and a favorite music collection could be the perfect gifts, too.

For The Mom-To-Be

For pregnant moms, an awesome gift is a Sneak Peek gender test. If that new mom on your list is anxious in early pregnancy about learning the sex of her baby, this gift could be the perfect way to help encourage her. These tests can identify male chromosomes and indicate she is having a boy versus a girl. Expectant mothers often like knowing the sex of their babies in advance to plan for things like the color of the nursery and baby clothes. A home gender prediction test could go a long way in helping the expectant mom get even more excited about her impending arrival. The best part about these noninvasive prenatal testing tools is that they can be done from the comfort of your home, making them all the more personal. 

Another great gift for an expecting mom could be a 3D or 4D ultrasound at one of the many ultrasound clinics in the U.S. Able to be done at any point and gestational age in pregnancy; these extra ultrasound tests will give the new mom scrapbooks worth of photos before the baby even comes. Not only will she be able to see her baby inside her uterus, but able to get a clear picture of what her baby will look like, a tool many women like to use for naming purposes. 

Gifts For Mom And Baby


Many new moms love nothing more than taking pictures with their babies. For moms like these, matching accessories and camera equipment could be the perfect gift. From coordinated hair bows for Mom and baby to matching dresses or socks, think of ways you could help attire the perfect photoshoot or skip straight to the camera and leaving the staging to the new mom. 

Whether you are helping a new mom learn the gender of their baby or gifting the perfect birthstone bracelet to commemorate a baby’s birthday, your special gift is sure to make the new mom in your life smile. With Mother’s Day just around the corner and more options than ever for new mothers, take some time in planning a gift that will be both personal and practical for the new mom in your life. Go the extra step of including a special message, card, or engraving, and she will treasure it even more.

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