Top 5 Meme Marketing Lessons You Should Learn From Meme Accounts on Instagram

March 4, 2021

Did you ever realize that meme accounts are dominating the social media feeds? Your realization is right in this case. The meme format is common these days including major social media platforms such as Instagram where many people have gathered millions of followers by sharing dank memes.

The meme accounts may seem witty or silly, but with proper goal and strategy, it’s not impossible to grow your meme-sharing Instagram account.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 meme marketing lessons you should learn from meme accounts on Instagram. However, learning is not enough. You have to adapt and apply the ideas in the real field.

They Know the Importance of an Impressive Caption

If applied carefully, then Instagram captions are one of the most important factors to drive engagement. This is the main reason why meme accounts succeed.

They use simple and short captions, which are easily readable even if the user is scrolling through the Instagram feed. Additionally, it doesn’t take too much time to read and understand due to its shortness and simplicity. They also use brief captions which help the user to read the whole post without leaving the feed.

Meme captions also work as an additive layer of a joke in the video or photo. Many accounts prefer to use long captions rather than short captions. Long captions are undoubtedly effective, but users tend to prefer short captions.

They are Aesthetically Consistent

According to Forbes, memes are everywhere. The aesthetic version of a meme isn’t unrecognizable. A meme with goofy photos with overlaid texts can be considered aesthetic memes.

Sometimes they are just ordinary but sarcastic texts or screenshots from Tumblr or Twitter. But whenever you notice one, you instantly know the context is nothing but a meme.

The consistencies of meme posts are very crucial if you want to build your brand. You must focus on promoting your posts so that your followers can see them in their feed without visiting your account.

They Stand Out from Other Accounts

You might have experienced déjà vu while scrolling through your Instagram feed. To be honest, the photos or posts on Instagram have started to look the same due to the visual trends.

Meme accounts are against this formula. Their posts might lack beauty, but they are extraordinary at grabbing your attention because their appearance is different than the others. Many Instagram accounts post memes with an unattractive look. This helps them to distinguish their posts from other similar content.

If you ever run out of meme ideas, then meme scout can help you so much.

Their Content is Shareable

Every brand focuses on spreading its content. They try to achieve that through pretty images, blog posts, and informative newsletters. 

However, meme accounts share their content through their sense of humor. The jokes they create works fantastically because they are very much relatable. The jokes are also simple enough so that their followers can understand them.

Additionally, this is also one of the smartest strategies to boost the growth of the audience. People tag their friends on the comment section who also enjoy the meme. In most cases, those tagged friends will start following if they find the meme funny.

They Collaborate With Appropriate Brands

You might find this surprising; meme accounts can upload sponsored content. Many huge brands choose meme accounts to promote their brand image due to the massive and high-engaged followers of meme accounts. 

The sponsored post doesn’t face any problem fitting in the overall content strategy. This is because meme accounts are extremely skillful at recognizing brands or partners who match their values.

Since meme accounts upload content frequently, the sponsored content never takes control of the whole feed.


These are the top 5 marketing lessons you should learn from Instagram meme accounts. Remember that creating and running a meme account isn’t easy. It’s very time-consuming as you have to post frequently. Additionally, you must have a creative mind so that you never run out of ideas. So, you must remember these 5 tips if you want to operate a meme account on Instagram.


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