Hacks To Save Money On Private Jet Flights 

March 16, 2021

Traveling on a private jet means you are tired of the shortcomings and inconveniences of commercial flights. It also means you are willing to go the extra mile and pay that extra dollar for greater convenience and privacy. However, that does not mean that you cannot save money on a jet charter offer. These difficult economic times require you to make the most out of every dollar in your pocket. Here are practical hacks to help you save money on private jet flights:

  • Maximize Regional Airports

Private jet brands have an advantage over commercial ones because they access more regional airports locally and internationally. These numerous airports make it more affordable because you can get cheaper flights to them. Moreover, they land you closer to your desired destination than commercial flights. Alternatively, they have better last-mile coverage that saves you time and money.

  • Share Costs If You Can

Yes, you can share costs and enjoy a private flight. The tough economic times have enabled some private jet companies to adopt flight “crowdfunding” to get everyone on board. So, you can optimize this option if your preferred provider offers it.

  • Capitalize On Off-Peak Bookings

Timing is everything in private jet charters. You need to calculate your moves smartly to book your flights during off-peak seasons when jet companies offer lower prices. So, find out these seasons in your local area and capitalize on them. Only travel during peak seasons when it’s the only option.

  • Understand The Best Times To Book Each Type Of Trip 

Know when to book a round or one-way trip to avoid timing issues. For instance, if you want to travel to and stay in a given destination for a few days, booking two one-way charters would be cheaper. The reason is that if you book a round trip, the jet will hang around waiting for your return flight. That means you will pay for the waiting time. 

  • Do Not Overlook Your Jet Type

You can also save money on a private jet charter if you do not overlook the type of jet you will use. All jets come in different sizes, which determine the final amount you will pay. Jets come in light, mid-sized, and heavy sizes. Pay attention to these sizes, so that you do not pay for a jet size that you do not need.

  • Go For Local Operators  

Going for local operators is another hack to help you save money on private jets. This consideration benefits you best if you want to make roundtrip flights, because you will not pay for flight repositioning. Why? Because the jet operator already has jets based at the airport where you will start your trips.

  • Capitalize On Empty Legs

This hack can save you up to 50% of your private jet hire costs. An empty leg is a repositioning flight before or after a fully paid charter. The only challenge here is that sudden changes in the plans of the person who had chartered the plane before or after your flight change may interrupt your trip.

Overall, this option is excellent because the jet company doesn’t incur any loss for charging you half the regular charter price. You can get empty leg flight itineraries on jet apps, with some of them giving you real-time updates on available jets.

  • Analyze Every Option

Analyzing every available choice at your disposal is another way of saving cash on chartered planes. You have to compare all the options like various departure times, dates, and private jets available. All these factors contribute to the final amount you will pay to hire a plane.

  • Do Not Ignore Old Jets

Old is gold, and it holds true in the case of opting for old private jets. Many new private jet hirers prefer new jets. However, they forget that the more demand they place on newer jets, the more likely they will pay for them. The logic that works here is the simple demand and supply law. Thus, older ones cost less because very few people book them.

However, ensure that the older jet is in its best functional condition.

  • Use A Jet Card

Lastly, use your jet card to save yourself money directly and indirectly. For instance, a membership card guarantees your fixed rates irrespective of whether you are booking the flight during peak or off-peak seasons. 

Many measures exist to help you save money on private jets. This post discussed the leading ones you can exploit to save some money on your next booking. Go ahead and make use of them to get the best deal.

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