Guide To Planning A Road Trip With Friends

March 24, 2021

Research shows that traveling can increase your moods, productivity, work motivation, alleviate stress, and allow your body muscles to relax. 

If you are the type of person who thrives in group travel, then a road trip with friends has probably crossed your mind more than once. But there is so much discouragement on the internet. And even a popular meme of how group travel plans slowly dwindle to nothing as the D-day approaches.

The common belief that planning or taking a trip with friends is bound to fail has no solid ground. Far from it, group travel plans often fail not because they are impossible to see through but the lack of proper planning and communication by participants. 

Before giving you the guide to your next road trip with friends, let us look at the main reasons why this same excursion might not see the light of travel day.

Why Travel Plans With Friends Fail

  • Lack Of Ongoing Communication

The period between planning and travel day plays a big impact on your trip’s success. Lack of ongoing communication about the trip can kill the enthusiasm and travel plans altogether. 

This is why impromptu road trips that might happen on the same or next day tend to work better. Alternatively, your group can get a shared communication app for this sole purpose.  

  • There Is No One Assigned To Plan The Trip

Travelling needs plans, and a lot of them for that matter. From sightseeing to accommodation and transportation, a successful group trip must have an overseer. 

This does not mean that they take over the entire planning, but are there to ensure that everything’s taken care of. 

  • The “Thrill Of The Moment” Effect

Some trips are planned without much thought in mind at that moment. 

It is a familiar scenario. A group makes plans out of nowhere, members jump in because the idea is exciting, and not that they have done the maths and decided to take a trip.

Reality then hits and the number of willing participants gradually drops, forcing everyone to cancel.  

  • Guide To Road-Tripping With Friends

So how do you do it? How do you successfully plan and see through a road trip with friends? By following the guidelines below and anything else that might work for your group.

Choose Places That You Are All Comfortable With

For a group trip, you want to make sure that everyone is having a good time. One of the ways to do this is by selecting destinations that interest everyone. After all, what is the joy in visiting a place that you do not find amusing?

  • Budgeting

Money ruins friendships and travel plans too. It is important to decide how members will split the cost of a road trip before embarking. Additionally, some friends can afford plush hotels and meals while others cannot. Ensure that you have this sorted out beforehand.

  • Be Transparent With Each Other

Your personal expectations, finances, standards, and so on are important when taking a group road trip. Each member should remain honest with the group so that there are no surprises or awkward moments ahead.

  • Practice Road Safety

Due to the high energy and a tendency to take risks among close friends, group road trips can easily become chaotic and reckless. In such a situation, a lot of things can lead to car accidents including distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and so on. Ensure that you are following all the traffic rules to maintain a safe trip.

  • Share Tasks

Some travel groups will assign one or two members to oversee the travel plans and all. However, it is easy for leaders to feel overwhelmed if they are not getting help from other members. Distribute tasks, both major and minor, among friends so that there’s a sense of equality and participation from everyone.

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