5 Critical Benefits of Hiring a Good Defense Lawyer if You Are Facing Criminal Charges in Knoxville

March 30, 2021

Currently, Knoxville is at the bottom of the list behind Nashville when it comes to safety. There are higher than average crime rates in Memphis and Knoxville, which kept Tennessee out of the list of the country’s safest cities. In 2019, Knoxville had over 10,000 reported crimes. Because of the high incidence of crimes in the city, every accused will need representation from a good defense lawyer.

Regardless if you decide to plead guilty or innocent to a criminal charge, getting the aid of legal services from a criminal lawyer can improve the result of your case. You must know your rights under the law and hire a Knoxville criminal defense attorney if you find yourself being accused of criminal charges.

Mitigate stress and worry

The law frequently changes, and complex issues often come up. A criminal lawyer needs to have years of experience. To properly navigate criminal law, you will need to have a critical understanding of the law, including the criminal code, sentencing act, and many others. When you collaborate with an expert for your criminal law charges, you will save yourself a considerable amount of stress and worry. It will also mitigate disruption in your work and personal life.

Get support for police interviews

Often, the most crucial time in the case is when you are arrested and requested to be interviewed by the police. In this case, you are not sure what to say or how to communicate with the police. You know what your rights are under the law and what to do. This is a very critical phase, so you must have a criminal law expert by your side. At this point, it is vital to hire a Knoxville criminal defense attorney.

It is especially crucial in Knoxville, where the crime rate is 1.6 times higher than the country’s average. Crime rates in Knoxville are at least 92.8 times higher compared to other US cities. However, it is good to know that Knoxville has seen decreasing violent crime and property crime rates for the past five years.

Properly present your bail application

You don’t want to be in custody while you await your trial for your criminal charge to be finalized. If the court refuses you bail, you can have their application reheard before the same court unless a change of circumstances exists. Because of this, you must get your bail application right the first time. A criminal lawyer will help present your bail application correctly and know the issues required to be addressed when negotiating your release from custody.

A defense lawyer helps identify critical weaknesses in the case of the prosecution

Experienced criminal lawyers can see weaknesses and deficiencies in the case of the prosecutions even before the matter gets presented in the trial. During the trial’s preparatory stages, a lawyer can identify evidence that cannot be admitted, meaning that the prosecutor will not be allowed to present that evidence in court. Experienced criminal lawyers will communicate with the prosecutor before the trial to ensure that the prosecutor does not present the evidence during the proceedings.

Defense lawyers will do what they can to help you avoid imprisonment

In case you plead guilty or get convicted, your matter proceeds to a sentencing hearing. A good criminal lawyer can help you avoid imprisonment. Your lawyer is knowledgeable about the sentencing law as it applies to your case and will present a plea to mitigate it, which will work to your benefit.


It is critical to know your rights if you are faced with criminal charges, especially in Knoxville, Tennessee, where there are high crime rates, and there is a chance you may be wrongly accused. Hire the best criminal defense attorney to protect you.

Currently, Knoxville and Memphis are among the worst cities in Tennessee, while Brentwood is considered the safest. Safe areas in Tennessee are in suburban areas, especially Nashville, while the larger cities, although the most progressive, are among the least se

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    I like that you pointed out how you would save yourself a considerable amount of stress and worry when you collaborate with an expert for your criminal law charges. I was skimming through some law books earlier and I read one part that discussed the topic of criminal law. Criminal defense attorneys are definitely useful since criminal cases are usually very complex.


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