Explain LCM. Engaging ways to Learn LCM

April 12, 2021

In Mathematics, LCM or also commonly known as the Least Common Multiple of any two is the value that is equally divisible by the two respective given numbers. The full form of LCM is Least Common Multiple and is also known as the Least Common Divisor (LCD). LCM is also used for mathematical operations like adding or subtracting any two given fractions when the respective denominators of the fractions are not the same. While calculating or solving any mathematical operations such as addition or subtraction with fractions, LCM is used to make the denominators equal or common. This process makes the simplification process effective.

Definition of LCM?

The Least Common Multiple or also known as LCM is a method to find the smallest common multiple between any two given or more numbers in the number system. A common multiple is a number that is a multiple of two or more numbers on the number line.

How to Find the LCM?

As we have already discussed in the above article, the least common multiple is the smallest common multiple for any two or more given numbers on the number system.

A multiple is a number value we get when we multiply a given number with another number. Now, if we have to find the common multiple of the given two or more numbers, then we have to write all the possible multiples for the respective numbers.

Different Methods of LCM

There are three standard and fundamental methods by which we can find the LCM of two or more numbers. They are stated below:

  • Listing the Multiples
  • Prime Factorisation Method
  • Division Method

Engaging ways to Learn LCM

There are various engaging ways to learn math and master the concept of LCM. You can also join online classes like Cuemath which helps you get an in-depth understanding of the topic. Now let us explore some of the engaging ways to master the concept of LCM.

Build strong Foundation

LCM is a topic that relies on the foundations of basic mathematics when introducing consecutive topics. For instance, you’ll start with the basic operations like adding, subtracting, dividing, or multiplying in LCM. Then, as you build, improve, and strengthen your knowledge, you can master more difficult concepts in LCM.

Don’t Memorize, Learn

A lot of people start learning the concepts by memorizing the facts of LCM. While this method can work, it could also create difficulties in future topics. Instead, it is useful to have a hold on number sense and its operations. It is very effective to understand than just memorizing the stepwise manner.


As with any subject or method, the most reliable way to master LCM is through regular practice. Students can also practice problems online or through worksheets or workbooks. This online assistance can help students practice a variety of problems online through interactive worksheets. LCM worksheets are the best way to help your child practice a variety of problems online. The best part is that the worksheets provided online are easy to use and can be downloading in PDF formats.

Grasp Concepts

 While mathematics is more about numbers than theory, there are comprehensive and complex concepts to help understand different types of LCM numerical problems. Most students work on the calculations and don’t pay much attention to the actual concept that is involved in that respective problem. Hence when it comes to Least Common Multiple, one should always focus on the core concepts rather than focusing on the calculations.

Ask Help When Needed

It’s okay to ask for help and assistance while solving Least Common Multiple. Even if the students think they know the concepts and understand the equations, they might need extra guidance to lead in the right direction and be briefer. Consider getting a math expert tutor, asking a companion, or seeking help from your professor and family. Remember, it’s completely okay to ask for help when needed while solving mathematical problems. One should never turn away from help, LCM is although very simple yet sometimes can confuse a child while solving.

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