How To Advertise Your Painting Business

April 18, 2021

Professional painting does not always have to be just on the walls of buildings and skyscrapers. It can be less mundane than that and can expose your artistry through graffiti art as well. As indicated by many, painting requires leads and a strong connection with the painting world in itself. There is, however, more practical concerns regarding the marketing of a painting job, such as associated estimation of costs. There are also other aspects, such as how trustworthy are the subcontractors and cash management. These things absorb a lot of the painter’s time and leave them no room for thinking about effective marketing strategies. As one should know, ineffective marketing strategies will lead to the downfall of the business. To reduce your risks ruther Public liability Insurance can help a painting business to survive unexpected situations. For more information, click here.

Ways To Advertising Effectively 101

Marketing door-to-door: This is always one of the best ways to start as per experts. Since people generally shy away from these kinds of advertising, it means there are more leads for the other. For every hour that one spends going door-to-door, they land up with at least 1-2 leads. One will, of course, have to do some research for this. They will have to keep tabs on the neighbourhoods that are higher income and may require painting.

A simple and effective trick is to point out to the consumers if they have a peeled trim. This helps promote the business if the painter is also offering a professional painting estimate that comes with gratis. This is a surefire way of finding that every hour or two, more people are saying yes to the offer. A good tip is to ensure that people can set up a meeting with the painter for the estimate. This will ensure that the closing rate is higher since it will be decided when all people concerned are present.

Referrals: These are known to be the most effective leads for a painting business. One can promote their business effectively by providing good quality services. Most professional painters cannot just communicate poorly but also do shoddy and slipshod work. This eradicates the chances of referrals, so if one gets it all, they have to do is just show up. Showing up is what ensures that painters get the job.

Lawn signs: Lawn signs are a great way for advertising and a clever investment too. One may always ask for the client’s permission to set up a lawn sign. This should be done in their front yard, preferably for highlighting it. This showcases one’s work in action and can earn them referrals in the right neighbourhood, of course. It can be kept there for months if the client is okay with the same. This ensures months of ex gratia advertising.

Lawn designs, however, will have to be kept very simple yet striking. It has to be understood that people mostly do not see the small characters from afar. A simple call-to-action plan is to have lawn signs with the names or logos and the contact number. They can also have the offer to call for free painting estimates.

Establishing contact with professional lead providers: These companies can be instrumental in generating leads for specific paint jobs. They can contact the painter for specific project requests submitted online by potential clients. Choosing a good leads provider is, however, very important since most companies do not live up to what they advertise. The quality of leads is not always good, which can lead to loss of business.

A professional usually tries to sell at least one out of the three bids they receive for a free estimate. The painter will have to be tracking the ROI based on each lead provider to know how they are faring.

Flyer drops: This has made it to the list despite being one of the unpredictable and costly ways of advertising. As per expert estimates, 5,000 flyers can lead to 15 enquiry calls. That may lead to eight painting jobs amounting to a total cost of 2,553 Australian dollars itself. If one can make such an amount of initial investment, they can go for the flyer drop route. The flyers again will have to be simple yet striking.

They should not just add up to the already exacerbated list of junk flyers and mail that people already get.


These are in no way part of a list that is either complete or exhaustive for the tactics of advertising. Nothing beats patience and agile thinking when it comes to painting job advertising. Flyers are risky, so people can go for lead group meetings. These meetings help professionals have an exchange with the successful interchanging of referrals. One can successfully find lead groups in the area through online searches. SEO companies are generating business by promising that painters will feature on the first page of Google searches. It will be great if the painters can take advantage of the same to boost promotion.

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