Three Things An Eyebrow Serum Will Do For You

April 25, 2021

If you have suffered from excessive plucking, or you have thin eyebrows, bald spots or you entirely want to make a switch from the pencil filled make-up brows to the kind of bold natural eyebrows that are trending at the moment; then you must have come across an eyebrow growth serum.

Some questions that may have cut across your mind are: what will a brow serum do for me, and how does it work? We will proffer answers to your questions to help you make an informed decision.

Three Things An Eyebrow Serum Will Do For You

An eyebrow serum is a brow specific treatment designed to help ladies deal with all their eyebrow related concerns.

Your brow hairs are made of proteins and depend on a chain of nutrients to grow. These eyebrow serums are formulated with those nutrients required for brow growth. But the content of your eyebrow serum depends on the brand you choose.

Please read on to learn more about an eyebrow serum:

It Fuels Brow Growth

The main function of the brow serum is to fuel eyebrow growth. It is a proven beauty tool to fix any eyebrow problem, ranging from thin eyebrows to bald spots, but excluding problems arising from a medical condition. 

Your next line of thought is likely, how does it work?

It stimulates your brows’ hair follicles out of their resting phase into the active growth cycle and helps to extend the duration of the anagen phase. It also contains anti-oxidants which help to prevent hair loss. So by encouraging new growth and preventing hair loss, you are guaranteed to get fuller and thicker eyebrows.

But there are vital things you should look out for when buying an eyebrow serum . You should take a critical look at their constituent before purchasing one; some serums may contain features with an adverse effect on your brows and skin beneath it.

We recommend that you purchase an eyebrow serum that depends on a mix of peptides, proteins, anti-oxidants, biotin, and other botanical extracts to stimulate eyebrow growth.

It Helps You Skip The Brow Pencil

A full and well-framed eyebrow indeed transforms the way we look. So we devote time filling up sparse spaces with hair like strokes, creating arches, and shaping the inner corners of our brows.

Because you get it wrong sometimes, you may need to wipe them off and repeat the whole process again. Imagine the waste of time! In our quest for beauty, some of us have advanced to try out more permanent techniques like microblading. 

But guess what, the eyebrow serum takes all these stress away from you. Applying an eyebrow serum not only gives you the desired full eyebrows but also gives you a defined and excellent eyebrow frame. Unlike using these artificial enhancements, they make it possible for you to wear your natural brows and give you a youthful look.

Help Rejuvenate Your Brows

It is unarguable that aging can affect eyebrow growth rate, but with the help of a brow serum your eyebrows can be rejuvenated again. Another instance where it may be useful is in the relief of traction alopecia which results from the excess strain on the hair on one’s head or the face.

Traction alopecia interferes with the hair growth cycle by causing a follicle to prematurely leave the active growth cycle and enter the resting phase. It stunts or ceases brow growth in the affected follicles altogether, and may result in bald spots on your eyebrows.

Applying a brow serum will help you nourish the follicles and rejuvenate them, moving them away from the telogen phase back to the active growing period.


When you come across the brow serum, one thing that readily comes to mind is this: do they work? It does.

But there are different eyebrow growth products in the market with different capacities. Hence we recommend that you use NourishBrow serum for optimal result.  

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