How To Have An Amazing Jet Ski Tour In Key West Island

May 3, 2021

Key West is a unique small island, but it has plenty of things to do and see. You can start by experiencing the rich and exceptional local culture that originates from a mixture of the Spanish, the Caribbean, and British colonial influences. Combine this with a recent surge of colorful, peculiar, free-spirited, and eccentric flair to have a unique Key West visit.

In Key West Island, there are as many boats as vehicles, meaning you will be spoilt for jet ski tour choices. While some tours are designed to let the riders stray around the region alone, others are guided and organized tours. Besides, there are several thrilling water sports tours, including jet skiing and others. Here is how you can have a memorable tour at Key West Island:

Get Wet In The Island

One of the main attractions at Key West Island is the blue-green water that offers an incredible look and feel. The warm sea calmly surrounds the shore, luring old and young fun enthusiasts to dive in. What is more, the available water sports on this island are infinite.

You can consider looking out for a Key West Jet Ski Rental and orbit the whole island or even race across the clam ocean waters at lightning speed. Also, you can take a Key West backcountry safari where you will sail into the Backcountry, kayak through the mangrove mazes and then see the rays, birds, sharks, and turtles.

The best thing about opting for a Key West Jet Ski Rental is that it lets you sightsee the deserted sand bars and beaches alone. While on this tour, you can go snorkelling or scuba diving on America’s only living coral reef. You will come across plenty of tropical fish, shark, sea turtles, eels, dolphins, and much more in this area. As if this is not enough, you can relish some love amidst the beauty of nature.

Consider A Hydro Bike Adventure

Hydro bikes are a new, fun and relaxed way of experiencing water sports on the island. Merely put, hydro bikes are buoyant, human-powered bicycles propelled by pedals. Although they seem complicated, hydro bikes are easy to use, safe, stable and give you a perfect way of getting out of the ocean without getting wet. You can use a hydro bike to catch the fantastic sunset at Mallory square.

Parasailing To See The Sights

Parasailing is one of the most recommended activities for lovers on a romantic getaway on this tiny island. You can soar high over the area for a fantastic view of Key West Island. Make sure to look out for sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and tropical fish while in the air. The fun and peace you get while floating in the air are similar to the excitement of being close to the clouds.

Take A Jet Ski Tour To America’s Southernmost City

The Key West Island is an incredible vacation gem since it is located in a warm sub-tropical paradise in the middle of America’s main marine nature preserve. Located on the remote end of a 128-mile-long chain of islands, the Key West Island is only 90 miles from Cuba. Exotic wildlife, warm water, blue skies, lush tropical foliage, sandy beaches, and many memorable things to do lures a visitor to come and have a tour of this small island.

Get It All

If you are anxious that you’ll not get the much-needed fun activities at Key West Island, there is no need to get nervous. The good news is that most tour companies on the island offer excursions that combine a couple of popular activities. This way, you will enjoy several activities on one trip. For example, you may find a tour combination that contains kayaking, snorkelling, paddleboarding, windsurfing, banana boat rides, wildlife tours, wave runner rentals, island hopping, and kneeboarding.

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