How To Have A Stylish Wedding On A Tight Budget

May 4, 2021

So, you want to get hitched in the near future, but the cost of weddings makes you want to cringe. With everything else you are responsible for, you cannot imagine shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars — no matter how special the day is. Unfortunately, this is not the old days where mom and dad foot the bill, so your only options are to figure out how to make it work or elope in Las Vegas. As you want everyone you love to be there for the occasion, here are some cost-effective ideas that will not compromise your style that you may not have considered. 

Go Digital 

Modern couples have ditched the whole idea of mailing invitations and save the date cards and have instead decided to go digital. There are tools, applications, and websites that they can use to customize everything they need to forward to their guests. From free websites where they can post and manage invitations to virtual ceremonies streamed live for friends and family, they have managed to use technology to their advantage. 

Minimalist Weddings Are Trending

If you want a stylish wedding without the expensive price tag, perhaps a minimalist theme would be appropriate. This concept is very modern yet trendy among young couples. It presents the opportunity to do away with the elaborate thrills and instead focus on the details that really matter. Bridal parties have been downsized to just a maid of honor and best man. Oversized floral arrangements are replaced by candles, succulents, or greenery. Wedding dresses have gone from embellished and over-the-top to simple and practical yet classy and chic gowns (that can be worn on other occasions). 

Wedding Fashion Rentals 

Grooms are not the only ones renting their wedding attire these days, brides-to-be are slashing wedding costs by doing the same. Rather than pay thousands of dollars for a gorgeous gown that she will only wear once, they have started turning to consignment stores and wedding fashion retailers to rent their perfect dress for a few days. Whether they want a Vira Wang designer gown or a vintage dress with intricate lace patterns from an era past, they have several options to choose from. 


Today’s couples are a lot more creative than they give themselves credit for. Instead of paying for certain wedding essentials, they can start a DIY project and save a ton of money in the process. There are brides that have made their own wedding gowns, bouquets, wedding favors, and more. For those with creative or talented family members, asking them to pitch in with preparing food, providing entertainment, or carrying out certain roles like wedding officiant or photographer is a great way to incorporate them in your day and save money. 

Home Weddings

One of the most significant expenses for couples is the cost of a wedding venue. It can cost several thousand dollars to rent the space for the day which often does not include additional fees like the cost of food, wait staff, or a cleanup crew. Couples on a tight budget might prefer to reconsider the venue. Having a wedding at your house or the property of a friend or family member is a lot cheaper. You can rent white tents, gold chairs, a few large tables, and center them around a dance floor to set the tone. Then, add in some personality and pops of color with floral arrangements, candles, and landscaping lights.

Modern couples realize that weddings are not about spending a ton of money to impress others, it is about making the day their own and celebrating with the people that matter most. If you are on a tight budget, but want to throw a stylish wedding you will love, throw tradition to the wind. As you can see, stepping outside of the box, using your creativity, and incorporating some of the latest trends are the most effective ways to ensure your big day turns out just as you always wanted.

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