Camouflage Rings: The Perfect Ring for Adventurous Couples

May 6, 2021

Rings are simultaneously the most minimalist and extreme accessory. They are just tiny and, most often than not, completely unobtrusive while also carrying more meaning than getting covered with jewelry from head to toe. Everyone knows men’s rings are more valuable to them than all of their other accessories and clothing combined.

This overwhelming importance of rings in our lives makes the decision of choosing a couple’s rings extremely difficult. The rings that you choose need to look fabulous while also allowing you to do whatever you want without any hindrance or safety of the ring. Luckily, the camouflage rings from Southern Sisters Designs have all this and much more, all at an affordable price.

What makes camouflage rings so desirable?

Everyone has their own personal reason for buying a pair of camouflage couples rings. But there are some recurring reasons for the success of these seemingly normal rings. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why people are buying camouflage rings for themselves and their partners:

  • Usability: 

What good is a ring if you always have to keep it in your pocket because it restricts your movement or you are worried about its safety? After all, the whole point of a ring is as a reminder that stays on our hands no matter what we are doing.

The camouflage rings are built with this ideology in mind. They are super durable as is but take the cake for best couple’s rings when it comes to adventurous couples. Going hunting, hiking, fishing, or camping with your partner are great bonding moments and should not be undercut by your worry for the rings. The camouflage rings eliminate this issue completely by basically being nature-proof. You can reel in a large fish or light a campfire, all while keeping your camouflage ring on your hand.

  • Style and looks:

The way a ring looks is obviously extremely important. But despite that, when we look in the market, the majority of rings for women are some variation of a shiny metal ring with a bland colorless gem on top. Men’s rings are even worse, as just a plain boring metal ring.

The camouflage rings introduce some much-needed color and artistic beauty to the ring. You can get completely wild with vibrant, colorful gems and psychedelic patterns. Or you can go super stealth mode with a black camouflage ring. The best for an adventurous couple, however, is the titanium ring with earthy tones and root-like patterns, so it constantly reminds the couple about all the good time they’ve had together while catching fish, trying to hunt, walking up a mountain, and setting up a camp in the middle of the woods.

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