How To Prepare Your Trip To Colombia

May 13, 2021

Colombia is one of the most visited countries in the world, because of the physical beauty of the Andes and Amazon rain forest here. Many people love to travel to Colombia due to its vibrant culture and civilized cities. This is the best time to visit Colombia because the country has reshaped its international image after two decades of peace. Tourism is now safe and secure here and for this reason, it is booming with every passing year. Apart from several tourist attractions, the beautiful nightlife and thriving art are some factors that make Colombia an irresistible destination in the world.

You can visit Colombia at any season of the year, but you have to do planning before traveling. You have to prepare yourself in all aspects of the trip to Colombia because preparation creates the main difference between a wonderful trip or a disappointing one. You can take this article as a guide to prepare for your trip to Colombia. In this article, we will guide you on how to solve visa issues, plant your stay and get your negative COVID-19 report before traveling to Colombia. According to visa processing company Natvisa, the Check-Mig form needs to be filled out online prior to leaving to Colombia. This form is a health questionnaire that was implemented due to the pandemic, and will help curve the spread of the virus. 

Research If You Need A Visa To Colombia

You must check before traveling that if you require a Visa to Colombia to get entry into the country. A Visa to Colombia is not a problem for many countries such as the USA and their citizens can stay in Colombia for at least 90 days with a tourist eVisa. However, some citizens of some countries have to get a Visa to Colombia to travel and stay in the country. So, to save yourself from any difficulty at the time of traveling, research if you need a Visa to Colombia before traveling. If you need a Visa to Colombia, apply for it by visiting the Colombian embassy or online.

Make Sure Hotel Details Are Confirmed

After getting entry into Colombia, the next focus of the travelers is usually on the accommodation. They can face severe difficulty if the hotel details are not confirmed. For this reason, we are recommending you make sure that your hotel details are confirmed. 

Check twice or thrice before traveling that your hotel booking is confirmed and there will be no issue during the stay. It can save you from many issues.

Have Your Negative COVID Test

Due to the present situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have imposed a condition of Covid testing on foreign travelers including Colombia. So, if you want to travel to Colombia without any difficulty, you must have to get your Negative Covid test report which you should not be older than 72 hours at the time of departure. You can get yourself COVID tested from any national-level accredited lab in your country. Keep the Negative COVID test report safe because you have to show it while traveling.

Check Good Places To Visit That Are Not Too Crowded

Once you have completed all the formalities for the trip to Colombia, you have to check good places to visit there that are not too crowded. You can research these places on the internet. However, for your easy, we are going to enlist some of the best tourist attraction and places in Colombia which you can visit during your stay:

·        Cartagena

Cartagena is considered the crown jewel of the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, known for its breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage. With its well-preserved colonial architecture, it stands as one of the most captivating and historically significant places in America. Cartagena’s status as a historic walled city makes it particularly attractive for culture lovers, offering a unique glimpse into the past. The Government of Colombia, recognizing the importance of this cherished destination, has taken significant steps to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors. They have established several hotels and restaurants in and around the historical sites of Cartagena, providing convenient facilities for tourists. It is worth noting that many parts of Cartagena were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1984, further solidifying its global significance. If you are planning a visit, it is important to prioritize cartagena colombia safety by staying informed about the local guidelines and taking necessary precautions to ensure a pleasant and secure experience.

·        Bogota

The city of Bogota was named after its Spaniards founder Santa Fe de Bogota in 1538. It is world-famous for Barrio Del Candelaria, which is a stunning line of historic buildings. For art lovers, nothing is better than the Plaza Bolivar where musicians perform regularly every day. The funniest day in Bogota is Sunday when the main road Carrera Septima is closed for various activities such as walkers, cyclists, joggers, and inline skaters.

·        Cali

Cali is considered as a house or university of Salsa dance. The native people called it the world capital of Salsa. Thousands of visitors practice Salsa dance here daily. The Cali’s people are friendly and kind. They will help you if you are a beginner to salsa and want to learn it with perfection.

·        Guatape

Guatape is considered the most colorful town in Colombia. It has colorful houses in tiny streets which makes it just like Disneyland! You will never find such a charming house in any part of the world.

·        Minca 

Being a small mountainous town in Colombia, Minca is famous for its gorgeous landscapes. The accommodations in Minca are located between the mountains, through which you can enjoy several natural scenes. Another best thing about Minca is its daily yoga and exercise classes. You can also hike nearby waterfalls and do horseback riding. The food which is served in Minca is fresh, delicious, and healthy because it is produced on a nearby local farm. There are many places to relax and for family-style dinners in Minca. We recommend you to visit Minca for at least 2-3 days to cherish its beauty.  

Register Your Trip With Your State Department

Registering your trips with your state department can save you from many security issues. It is also important to check the traveling advisory of your state department before planning a trip. You can get several tips and recommendations from your state department which can be helpful during your trip. To register your trip with your state department, you can simply call or contact them through their official website. While registering, don’t forget to enter your trip details so the department can help you in any emergency conditions.

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