Creating A Relaxing And Stylish Vacation Home

May 19, 2021

Owning a vacation home is what you have always dreamed of as one of the top items on your bucket list. Now that your dream has come true, it is time to start thinking about how to style and decorate your home away from home.

Whether you are styling a mountain retreat or beach cottage for your vacation home, finding decor items that make your vacation home feel both stylish and relaxing is ideal. When you start shopping for items, choose pieces that evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation. 

A vacation home does not have to be bare just because it is not your everyday home. Creating a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere is the goal so that you can simply arrive and begin to destress. 

Invest In Comfortable Seating 

It may seem like something simple, but one of the most important aspects of your vacation home will be where you lounge with family and friends while you are enjoying some downtime. Investing in durable and quality seating will go a long way in adding to both the comfort and style of your vacation home. Seating doesn’t just have to be comfortable without style, you can definitely have both. 

If you do not have kids, maybe the vacation home is where you can rest on the white couch you have always dreamed of owning but felt was never practical. A vacation home is the perfect opportunity to play around with style and decor. 

Do not hesitate to mix and match colors and styles to find the just-right look for your home away from home. Just remember not to skimp on comfort so that you will be able to enjoy both sitting on the furniture as well as admiring the design. 

Design A Spa Bathroom 

Imagine having an oasis as a bathroom space in your vacation home. Since the beauty of a vacation home is that it usually does not fill with the clutter of your everyday space, with bathroom renovation you can keep the space clean and crisp to feel relaxing and soothing. A vacation home is a great space to display those all-white towels that you are worried may get damaged at home from everyday use. 

Whether you have a tub or shower or both, displaying a soothing color scheme of creams and whites makes a bathroom feel like something out of a spa. Think about hanging some indoor plants to add to the ambiance of the bathroom while also adding to the air quality of the space. 

Style The Outdoor Space 

While you are on vacation you should be soaking up the sun and enjoying as much fresh air as possible. If you have a patio or porch as part of your vacation home, take some time to style and design it as an extra room of the house. When you style the outdoor area in decor you enjoy and admire, you will be much more likely to want to spend time outside. 

Choosing comfortable seating for your outdoor space is key for you to be able to enjoy the space. It is important to add quality furniture pieces, which are available on, to enhance your outdoor sitting experience.

There are many options on the market for different decor styles when it comes to outdoor furniture and seating options. If you are a family that enjoys eating outside, investing in an outdoor dining set is a great way to spend time together while you are at your vacation home. 

Add An Element Of Cozy With An Electric Fireplace

When you walk into your vacation home, you should immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Adding certain elements around the home to help elicit a cozy feeling is key to the comfort of a vacation home. No matter where your home is located, putting in a fireplace automatically increases the feelings of warmth and comfort in your home. 

Many designers suggest adding a white electric fireplace as not only is it aesthetically appealing, it is also cost-efficient and better for the environment. An electric fireplace allows you to customize the size, look, and location of the fireplace while also being a safer option for your vacation home. Adding this element of warmth to your vacation home will ensure you have a cozy space to relax during colder weather. 

Focus On The Details 

One of the last things you want to worry about on vacation is whether you have everything you need or not where you are staying. The good news about owning your own vacation home is that you can set it up and style it exactly how you like. This means that if you are an avid cook, you know to invest in a good knife set, serving pieces, and pots and pans. Or if you are an avid reader, start stocking up your library at your home away from home. 

If you are considering renting the home out to guests at any point, it is helpful to also think of what a renter for your vacation home may need or enjoy having around the rental. Providing key details in the kitchen and bathrooms will mean that not only will your renters love their vacation spot, but it will make life easier for you too when you come back for your next trip. 

Enjoying Your Vacation Home

A vacation home is a piece of your life that should be cherished and enjoyed. Decorating your home away from home with both comfortable and stylish decor will help you enjoy the space even more than you already do. 

As you work to improve the look of your vacation space, take time to find styles, colors, and textures that you enjoy looking at and are soothing also. Creating a relaxing and stylish vacation home takes time, but once you are finished you can rest assured that with each visit all you have to do is spend time relaxing, resting, and recharging. 

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