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May 24, 2021

Maintaining cats at home entails buying different feline products for various needs right from when you bring the kitten home through its entire life or as long as it stays with you. Of course, the buying list changes as the kitten grows up because once the kitten grows into a cat, the most consumed feline product is cat foods and feeding trays and water bowls. If you want to buy any of them then you can visit mystiquecatzshop and find some amazing items according to your cat age. 

However, from the beginning, you need to buy many different items like a crate or carrier to bring the kitten home, litters, toys, trees, scratchers, and cat beds. You can receive adequate guidance in buying various feline products by looking up at the website of Cat Lovers Glee that carries reviews of different products, including cat foods. The information should help you to make the most appropriate decision.

Besides helping to choose the right feline products, the website shares valuable knowledge about cat care, which includes selecting the correct type of cat food. Although, your veterinarian is the most knowledgeable and reliable person to guide in these matters, the information gathered from the website will help to understand things better.

Here are some tips for shopping for the best cat foods endorsed by veterinarians.

Dry Cat Food Or Wet/ Canned Cat Food

Convenience is the driving factor for the popularity of dry cat food, and it is odorless, cost-effective, and has long shelf life without spoiling. Its storage is also easy and convenient. However, high carbohydrate content in dry food can be a matter of concern, especially for sedentary cats that will put weight due to fat addition. But for an active act, carbohydrates are rich sources of energy.

Wet foods are more expensive, and their handling might be a little messy. Moreover, it requires storing in freezers after opening the pack. However, wet food is beneficial due to its fluid content and high protein and fat content that makes it suitable for all ages and lifestyles.

Consider The Age Of The Act

To select cat food, you must consider the category of your pet according to its age, whether it is a kitten, cat, or senior. Consult your vet to ascertain the exact dietary needs for your pet because, besides age, there are some other health indicators to consider. The vet can evaluate what restrictions or requirements your cat might be demonstrating.

Protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins in high quantities and plenty of fluids form the diet of kittens during the growing years compared to adult cats. To ensure that kittens receive the right amount of nutrients, you must choose some food specially made for kittens.

As your kitten turns into a cat after a year, start serving them adult food from the first birthday. To help the feline adjust to the new food type, ensure that you gradually change over to the new food so that the cat’s stomach can adapt to it without any problem.

Adult cat food has lower calories, and kitten cuisine is absent.   Senior cats about 10 years old will need food that caters to specific health needs.

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