Famous Brands That Offer Easy Lens Replacement For Your Eyeglass Frames

May 25, 2021

Have you got a pair of eyeglasses with outdated lenses? Or a pair of eyeglasses with scratched lenses blurring your vision? All you need to do is replace your scratched, broken, or damaged lenses and stick to your old frame. We have put together a list of recommended brands offering easy lens replacement for your eyeglass frames within your budget.

In these unprecedented times of the pandemic, social distancing has become inevitable. Buying sunglasses online can save you from overhead expenses, e.g., commuting, as well as let you follow the prescribed SOPs. People sometimes want to go with their existing frames because they still adore the composition of their glasses and find them comfortable enough to wear. 

Which Are The Renowned Brands To Offer Lens Replacement?

The companies that I am going to discuss offer packages for buying eyeglasses and handy lens replacement. They have a variety of lenses under new technology like multifocal lenses, lenses with anti-glare coating, and much more. To get your lens replacement done, they will send a return shipping label with a box for you to send them your frame. It is quite an easy process.

So, let us check out some famous brands currently involved in the selling of prescribed glasses.

  • Lensabl

It is one of the most famous companies offering a wide range of prescribed spectacles and lens replacement online. Its motto is. “Your frames, our lenses.” Speaking of price, it starts from $77. Their policy is easy: you just upload your prescription and choose a suitable lens for yourself. Lensabl will send a box with a return shipping label to send your frame. It also offers a renewal of your eye exam but qualifying for this test is quite challenging as you have to fill a questionnaire. Shipment takes place in 2 weeks, and you get 15% off on your first order as you sign up.

  • Overnightglasses

Overnight Glasses is one of the best options available for you to get affordable eyeglasses and lens replacement online. It ensures lower prices, better quality lenses, and the fastest delivery with free shipping and returns. The types of lenses vary from progressive, bifocal, reading to block blue light, and distance lenses. The customer’s recommendation on the website also gives a thumbs up for great lenses and better vision. Their eyeglass lens service promises exclusive efficient overnight shipment from the customer to the shop apart from the regular 3-5 days of shipment. Hence, you don’t have to worry anymore about where to get prescription lenses put in frames

  • ReplacerxLenses

This online company is considered a place where you can buy the most affordable prescribed lenses. They are offering replacement of prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses for Amazon, Echo. The site says that it has significant experience in developing quality frames. They try to get as much information as possible from the customer to begin working on the lenses ahead of time. They also offer 15% off in the exchange of email addresses.

  • Eyeglasses.com

As stated, Eyeglasses.com has a wide range of eyeglasses as well as lenses. It is one of the most famous companies that offer lens replacement online. Its starting price is $49. They have the same policy as others, like they will send you a return shipment label on placing orders from their website. They have good quality lenses and have a customer support chat feature on their website. Additionally, you can avail up to 15% off on your first order after exchanging email addresses.

  • EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect being one of the most famous brands also tops the list of inexpensive eyeglasses lenses. This company is offering high-quality lenses along with discounts. After choosing a frame, you get to look at several options for lenses like anti-scratch, anti-reflective and water repellent coated lenses. This company’s website is also carrying the feature of virtual try-on, and once you have uploaded your photo, you get multiple suggestions according to your facial features. Shipment takes place in 14 days. You can get SAVE15 and 20% off when you exchange an email address.

Why Change Eyeglasses When You Can Replace Lenses Instead?

If your prescription is changed, then you can get your lenses replaced in your existing eyeglasses. There is no need to invest in a new pair of eyeglasses. Your family and friends will not have to see a new you. Also, it will be easy on your pocket.

How Much Budget Is Required For Lens Replacement?

Estimating the total budget required for a lens replacement can be hard. It is highly dependable on your preference like if you are brand conscious, you will go for designer wear lenses that are also up to the mark in aspects of new technology, and of course, that will cost you a higher price. Starting price can be as low as $40, which is for only basic lenses. If you go for anti-glare coating or photochromatic lenses, the price can exceed up to $100 or more. If we see the other way around, you are saving the cost of the frame, so your budget is somewhat bearable.

Why Should You Buy Online?

Most people find it very convenient to place an order from the comfort of their homes. Other reasons to buy online can be:

  • You get to see a wide variety of glasses, lenses, and sunglasses.
  • You get free coupons, vouchers, and discounted prices.
  • It gets easy for you to choose by exploring numerous online companies’ websites while sitting on your couch.

Thus, we see numerous famous brands offering high-quality lenses with an acceptable price range. With convenience coupled with a cost-saving factor, your agitation is pretty much released regarding online lens replacement.

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