Why You Should Start Investing in Your 20s? A Study by Paul Harman

June 2, 2021

Usually, people prefer to live in the moment at their young age, and that’s good. However, making some financial plans concerning the coming future doesn’t harm anything. Financial experts from all over the world suggest that starting investments at a young age ensures a stable as well as prosperous future. The logic is very simple, investing at an earlier stage makes you rich before you age. It’s simple mathematics when you start investing. As soon as you start earning, you have enough amount of money before retiring. You don’t have to buy expensive stocks or be a stock market player. The small number of investments today will give a higher return tomorrow. Also, when people like Paul Haarman suggest that you must start investing at a younger age, then obviously, it makes a lot of sense. 


Why investing before getting married is awesome?


People usually get serious about their finances after getting married. Well, things could go a lot easier if you start planning about your finances way before you get married. By starting with high returning and secured investment plans at a young age, you get a little financial discipline. You stay away from spending on expensive and irrelevant things, and you start walking on the path towards financial independence. Investing early in your life teaches you the main difference between savings and investments. People at their young age often think investing monthly or yearly is foolish, and to get larger benefits, they invest in something unsustainable. See, the thing is, investment has nothing to do with age. No matter how young you are, if it’s legal, you can invest. So let’s move further and know what benefits you enjoy by starting investments at a young age are.


Advantages of early investment


Once you start earning, you start spending, but you do not consider investing. Several other financial experts like Paul Haarman believe investing at an early stage of your life is for your own greater good. Here are the benefits that come along with an early investment-


  • You save more money when you make investments, as you invest your hard-earned money on better things. Plus, you get a greater return in the future. 
  • Secured life and a better retirement- when you retire with a good amount of money as a backup, things turn out as you plan
  • The risk with responsibility- when you invest early, you become responsible – but taking a risk at a young age is convenient 
  • Compounding interest- you receive greater benefits when you start investing regularly since you start making money


Along with these things, if your investment results in a loss, you get enough strength and time to bear and recover from that loss. But, on the other hand, when you start investing when you’re older with more responsibilities, you may not turn towards bigger opportunities.   


Now when you know about the expert’s recommendations and benefits of investment at an early age, you might start it. 


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