The Most Eye-Catching Beauty Features Of Men And Women

June 15, 2021

When we see a good-looking person, we are noticing things that we may not even understand we are noticing. Attraction and beauty are both things that have taken millions of years of evolution to arrive at the sophisticated level they are now. We took the time to explore why we tend to notice some things in handsome men and beautiful women, that draw our eyes to them naturally. Take these with a pinch of salt, because everyone is different and beauty is always subjective. There is no denying that there are patterns that exist, however.

A Flash Of White

There is no doubt that a great smile is attractive. We have evolved to move from a baring of teeth to being threatening, to multiple communication options. If your cheeks are raising and your lips curl upward, this is seen as a sign that you are welcoming, friendly and open to communication. So, if you are an adult that would love to have a better smile, go with clear braces instead of metal braces. The latter takes far too long, they are painful and they will drill a hole in your pocket. Clear braces and called invisible braces for a reason. They cannot be seen with the naked eye from a distance. 

Symmetry Is Hot

A face that is symmetrical is instantly seen as attractive. No matter if your face is long, round or square, if your nose is long, short or curved, as long as your face is totally symmetrical, you are on the hot list. Several studies have found that one of the biggest reasons why we find faces that look even is because it signifies health. Symmetry in wildlife such as fish is also something that is used as a tool to find suitable mates. In some species, if a male fish is symmetrical, the female is more likely to want to mate with him. Essentially, if your facial features grew and settled at the same time, it signifies that you are healthy, strong and have good genes. At least, this is our evolutionary response.

Male Face Shapes

Apparently, men have a specific type of face that is more attractive to women. Firstly, they have a plethora of face shapes, such as triangle, square, oval, round and long. However, the face shape that is most attractive to women is the oval. This has come as a shock, because we have always seen male models with square jaws, on magazine covers. Movie casters always seemed to pick square faces but now, an oval shape is being seen as the most desirable. Maybe it is because it is a merger between the square and the long face shape. 

Bright Eyes

When we say bright eyes we do not always mean the color of your iris. The whites of your eyes can become bright with better sleep, more hydration and better dieting. When you are tired or stressed, your eyes can become grey or red. This is not something that we would attribute as being attractive.

When we see these features in people, we cannot help but look for slightly longer than we should. Do not worry, you cannot help it. Evolution takes over and we tend to be drawn to those with a great smile, bright eyes, even features and a certain type of face shape.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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