How To Set Up A Home Art Glass Studio

June 17, 2021

Every glass artist envisions to start a studio of their own. 

Staying consistent and productive during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic is hard; that is why setting up a home studio is a wise step.  

So, now you wonder how can I create an aspiring area to design and create glass art? 

In this article, we put forth pro tips for setting an art glass studio at your home, let’s dive in:

#1. Carve Out Your Own Space

If possible, you must try creating a dedicated space unique to your house; a place where creative designs strike your mind. 

You can transform a repurposed basement, a spare room, or an attic into a studio or dedicated space even with a modest budget. 

If you do not have a separate room, you can renovate your shed or garage into a creative art glass studio. 

#2. Stay Organized

You will be far more productive and happy if you are properly organized. Make sure you have top-quality art glass supplies such as COE96 glass, kilns, molds and grits to ensure regular supply of glass art pisces. 

Make a list and purchase according to your needs and budget. Also you would need to set up basic furniture and other utilities to stay connected with your suppliers and customers alike. 

#3. Reflect Your Personality

Your home studio is a true creative expression of yourself as a glass artist. It is your space, do what inspires you. Personalize your glass art studio with your favorite art pieces that speak of your talent and expertise. You can also place mood boards, quotes, plants, most importantly, experiment with the space. 

When decorating your space, you should carefully consider what you want to achieve. You can either jazz up your space with bold colors and decor or you can opt for peaceful, muted colors for a calming ambiance. 

#4. Lighting

Lighting is a crucial component of a glass art studio, as proper lighting is needed to ensure the intricate art glass details are never compromised and the work runs smoothly. While natural light is the best, but sometimes it is not possible in a small space, you can invest in a daylight lamp, which imitates natural light. 

#5. Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is needed as you will be fusing the glass and working in dust and fumes. Make sure space has a window to have access to the fresh air. A well-ventilated room will ensure you breathe properly and stay focused on the job. 

The bottom line is that no matter how small or big your art glass home studio is, you can easily customize it to express your creativity and enable you to harness it into your work. 

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