Top Weekend Getaways Out of State

June 21, 2021

Sometimes it seems like you have to plan a two-week or longer vacation if you re traveling to another state, just to make it worth the while. However, there are plenty of places out of state that are ideal for weekend getaways, and you don’t even have to worry much about planning at all.

Portland, Maine

This city is an excellent option for a quick weekend jaunt, especially in the fall. You will get to see all the East Coast foliage in its brilliant autumn colors, and enjoy mild temperatures at the same time. You won’t be suffocating from the oppressive humidity that is the hallmark of summer. There are plenty of beaches to visit if going to the ocean is a priority, but you can also take a hike on Back Cove, shop in the many quaint boutiques, or eat a delectable meal in one of the numerous top-rated restaurants.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder has the distinction of being America’s happiest city, so if you need to cheer yourself up, a weekend trip to this notable Colorado city will do you wonders. You will have numerous national and state parks at your beck and call, and you’re just minutes away from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. In the city itself, you’ll discover upscale retail stores, state-of-the-art museums, and a variety of festivals to satisfy your desire to party. Not coincidentally, it’s also home to an abundance of craft beer breweries. 

Memphis, Tennessee

If music is your jam, Memphis is your city. You will be able to explore everything from Elvis Presley’s mansion and recording studios to Beale Street’s live music venues and museums. Choose a couple of activities to enjoy over the weekend and return home with the sound of rock ‘n roll in your ears. Do not forget to try some of Memphis’ famous barbecue while you’re there.

Las Vegas, Nevada

You are probably already aware of all there is to do in Las Vegas, but might think you need longer than a weekend to see everything. While it is true you will never experience the entirety of Las Vegas in a single weekend, or even a single year, most people will agree that a weekend is just about the perfect amount of time to spend in Sin City. You can take in a couple of shows and spend a little time at the slot machines or blackjack tables. Usually, you’re more than ready to turn down the noise of Vegas after you’ve spent a couple of days there.

Alexandria, Virginia

As another East Coast destination, Alexandria is ideal for a fall weekend trip. It is a much quieter destination than some of the others mentioned here, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking to relax and simply take in the scenery. Walk the waterfront and cobblestone streets of downtown and enjoy the old-world charm of historic architecture and Southern hospitality. If you want to play tourist, it is just minutes away from numerous historical sites, including the famous Mount Vernon.


Weekend getaways are a wonderful way to remove yourself from the busyness of everyday life and not have to miss much (or any) work. You’re able to take time for yourself so that you’ll be at your best when Monday rolls around. These five locations are perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or simply a change of scenery.

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