How to Look More Stylish and Professional in any Office Setting

June 23, 2021

Deciding what to wear to the office can be a big struggle for most women in the corporate world. While we wish to appear respectable and presentable to our colleagues and business partners, many of us still want our daily outfits to look more fashionable and stylish, showing that we truly dress for power and success. To that end, if your goal is to leave a great impression every day, here are some ways you can look more stylish and professional in any workplace environment:


Adhere to the dress code

Different workplaces demand different levels of formality when it comes to office attire, and adhering to this dress code is incredibly important for showing respect and professionalism at work.


But knowing the exact dress code in your office might help you to construct better outfits as well, not only giving you a general guideline of what you should wear, but also providing you with a set of rules you might be able to bend in order to display individualism and your unique fashion sense.


Be mindful of the colors

In case your workplace is quite strict and business formal, you, unfortunately, won’t have many options in regards to color, except for variations of black, navy, and gray. However, if the dress code is anywhere from professional to casual, including more color variations into your business outfits can be a great way of creating stylish and chic looks.


For example, shades of brown, beige, and other earth tones are ideal for more refined yet still business-appropriate outfits, while bolder hues like blue, yellow, and green could be wonderful power suit options, if the workplace permits.


Invest in quality staple items

Aussie women are known for having an incredibly fashionable and trendy sense of style, and how they achieve it is by choosing womens workwear in Australia that is as timeless and elegant as it is beautiful.


If you wish to have a wardrobe that’s durable and versatile, you might want to invest in such quality basic pieces as well. Whether it’s a neutral cardigan, a check blazer, or tailored dress trousers, such staple items will never go out of style, and will ensure your business outfits always look polished and refined.


Pay attention to footwear

French women, on the other hand, know the importance of elegant footwear and the difference it could make when it comes to professional outfits. For instance, something as simple as a pointed-toe flat or a classic closed-toe pump could instantly elevate your workwear, regardless of the dress code formality. On the other hand, open-toed shoes are never recommended, even if you work in quite a casual office, as they tend to be too relaxed and often off-putting in most professional spaces.


Think about hair and makeup

Even though we tend to focus mostly on our outfits when it comes to workwear, the truth is that your hair and makeup are equally as important, as they help to complete your elegant attire, while also allowing you to look more polished and professional.


For that reason, you should aim to keep your makeup minimal and refined, avoiding heavy styles and bright colors regardless of the dress code, as they can be too distracting in the office. In terms of hair, both updos and down and loose hairstyles are acceptable, as long as you make sure your hair looks clean, sleek, and presentable.


Dare to be true to yourself

While adhering to dress codes is advisable, you don’t have to conform in every professional space. Staying true to yourself is an admirable quality, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t infuse some personality and individuality into your business attire as well. Whether you like to wear colors and prints, prefer higher heels, or even enjoy bolder jewelry pieces, dare to include them in your professional outfits for a more impactful style.


As long as you keep other aspects of your look neutral, the outfit will still be office-appropriate, but it will give you higher levels of comfort and confidence.


Although adhering to the many rules regarding business attire can often be daunting, simply following the incredible tips mentioned above will allow you to look professional, respectable, and incredibly fashionable every day, leaving a great first impression in any office setting.

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