What to Consider While Choosing the Right Electric Scooter

June 24, 2021


An electric scooter is a fun, convenient, and environmental-friendly mode of transportation.

However, buying an e-scooter is no walk in the park. The average cost of an electric scooter is anywhere between $400 to $5000.

When buying an e-scooter, some people only focus on the price, while some prioritize looks. Whatever the case, we are here to help you buy the perfect e-scooter that meets your needs. So, here are the things you need to consider while buying an electric scooter for you:

Wheel Sizes and Types

Make sure that you don’t get an e-scooter with wheels smaller than 7-8 inches. Smaller wheels are not only prone to getting stuck in potholes but also give a rough ride. Consider buying a model with large 8” tyres. 

There are two types of tyres that you can choose from – solid and air-filled. Solid tyres need zero maintenance and give the perfect ride in harsh environments. The air-filled tyres, on the other hand, are built for comfort and provide better cushioning and traction. You should consider buying an e-scooter with air-filled tyres as solid tyres require zero maintenance but are not long-lasting.


To find the right electric scooter, you need to ensure that the handlebars are not too high and not too low for you. Choose the scooter whose handlebar height is a centimetre or two below your belly button.


While purchasing an e-scooter, bring the weight of the scooter and weight limit into consideration. The weight limit of the scooter ranges from 100 to 120 kgs. However, there are now a few manufacturers who make e-scooters with a weight limit of 250 kg.

When you are looking at the weight limit, remember to include the weight of the belongings that you regularly carry. The weight of the scooter matters, too. Normally, the e-scooters weigh around 13 kg to 43 kg. You should buy a lightweight electric scooter as they are easy to manoeuvre around heavy traffic.


Consider the speed while choosing an e-electric scooter is important as well. If you have to commute in the city, consider going for a scooter with low speed. Choosing an e-scooter that is able to keep up with you is important. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring safety and weather conditions into consideration.


Before making the final purchase, you have to check the range of the scooter. Range refers to the distance a scooter can travel with one full charge, which means that the range depends on how long the battery can hold the charge. The average range of an e-scooter is 15 to 25 km. However, companies like iScoot Melbourne have electrical scooters that offer 30 to 40 km of range per charge.


One of the main deciding factors is, of course, the price. If you think you can buy an off-road beast for under $150, you are mistaken. An electric scooter with a battery charge time of 3.5 hours and a speed of 14 mph costs over $600. The cost of an electric scooter starts from $300 and goes up to $5000.

Final Thoughts

Electric scooters are trendy and convenient, which makes them an ideal choice for all daily commuters. When it comes to electric scooters, there’s no such thing as “best.” It all comes down to what you are actually looking for. We hope that this guide helped you understand your needs better and gave you a sound knowledge of what to consider while buying an e-scooter.













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