Explore Valuable Expert Tips from Kimberly Dalius for Independent Musicians to Stay Focused

June 26, 2021
Kimberly Dalius

Kimberly Dalius

With the global COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to focus and concentrate has gone dramatically gone down. The distractions seem to be growing stronger with each passing day. The ability and determination to ignore all distractions, come what may, is supposed to be a skill that can be mastered with time. It is extremely challenging for an independent musician to stay focused in his music career as some of them are involved in other part-time or even full-time jobs. Moreover, most independent musicians are in the habit of working from home where there are distractions galore and no accountability as such. Here are some tips from renowned mental health expert Kimberly Dalius.

Learn to Determine Your Priorities

You may identify your priorities right at the beginning of each day. Chalk out a clear plan of attack daily before you start working. Prioritize your objectives and goals to achieve. You should start by tackling the most urgent and critical items of business at first. Remember that you are full of energy and enthusiasm in the first two hours of work. You seem to be more efficient, productive, and can get more things done during an initial couple of hours each day, as compared to the rest of the day. 

It is of pivotal importance to know your priorities while practicing an instrument. Every day you have a practice session, it is best to identify the goals that you are hoping to accomplish from this session. It could be learning the chorus of a new song or writing a verse for a new song you are trying to compose. It is critical to know precisely, what your goals are for the day before you sit down for your daily practice session Kimberly Dalius

Always Remember to Use Headphones

Headphones could prove to be beneficial to maintain a seamless workflow. You can successfully block out the surrounding distractions and noise. Moreover, you could consider listening to something rejuvenating that could help in enhancing your concentration. 

Focus on Time Management

It pays to focus on efficient time management. You need to work consistently at improving your overall time management skills. You need to improve your daily routine so that you are never late to work. If you are not punctual, things could get distracting and immensely stressful. 

It is a good idea to consider using a desk timer for keeping you right on track. You may avoid parties and events if you need to get some important things done. Make it a priority to invest more time in boosting your music career.

Keep Reading to Find True Inspiration & Motivation 

Reading books or watching movies music-centric, or otherwise, could prove to be pretty motivating. Learn to enjoy and get inspired by the creative endeavors of others. According to the findings of the research, your brain function is enhanced if you read fiction. When you are engrossed in a novel, it could help in stimulating creativity. Learning more about music and the stories of successful musicians could prove to be inspiring and may motivate you to work harder towards your musical goals.


It is a good idea to focus on setting realistic goals. Once you grow your follower or fan base, it can prove to be immensely gratifying. That spirit could help in propelling your progress as a musician. If you follow the tips discussed above, you can attain new heights of glory.

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