Eric Dalius Miami Market Business Professional Explains Why Bitcoin Prices Are Rising

July 2, 2021

Bitcoin has risen 195% year -to- date since about December 16, surpassing $23,000. What is guiding this phenomenal growth? Bitcoin has developed into a successful capital invested by popular billionaire investors, large organizations, and individual investors, respectively. The reasons for its appreciation differ, but it has evolved from what many thought were a fraud to something that is now considered a viable investment made by famous billionaire investors, major corporations, and retail investors alike. Why are these Miami-based investors so enthusiastic about bitcoin, despite the fact that it has already reached all-time highs?


ADetailed Explanation from Eric Dalius Miami-



Why is Bitcoin Going Up?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that swept the globe in 2017 when its values soared into the tens of thousands of dollars. Since then, the price of bitcoin has continued to rise steadily, but even with several hiccups. On April 14, the price of the whole cryptocurrency reached a new high of $64,000, which comes as no surprise at that same stage. Prices will continue to rise as interest in cryptocurrencies increases and more people begin to purchase bitcoin. However, there is an explanation why the price of bitcoin increased by 5% on a particular day.


A few well-known consumer-facing payment brands have, however, backed bitcoin. Customers can now purchase, keep, and sell bitcoin using their PayPal accounts. Square, a competitor in the electronic payment room, announced in November that almost all of its Cash App users are purchasing digital currency and that they are buying so much on average than they were previously. The number of merchants willing to accept bitcoin as payment is increasingly increasing.


Institutional Adoption

In the face of the growing volatility and inflation, bitcoins, especially bitcoin, are now considered to be the safest investment. Due to the extreme current progress of the economy, people are holding less cash and hedging against market fluctuations.


There has also been a recent trend among public corporations to convert their cash treasury notes to cryptocurrency. Square, a payments agency from the United States, invested $50 million in bitcoin. With this, MicroStrategy, a publicly traded corporation in the United States, converted $425 million in cash holdings to bitcoin, believing it to be a more reliable store of value. Eric Dalius Miamibusiness analyst, explains that global adoption is the significant reason for the price hike.


The Halving

It’s essential to understand the Halving technology built into bitcoin’s code to better understand why this quantity seems to have a verifiable finite limit. The reward granted to miners for performing bitcoin transactions is decreased in half every 210,000 blocks produced or roughly every five years.


In other terms, since a reward of bitcoin offered to a miner introduces extra bitcoin into circulation, bitcoin has a synthetic type of inflation built-in. Every four years, the rate of inflation is split in half, and that this will continue until all 21 million bitcoins are issued to the market. Currently, 18.5 million bitcoins are in circulation, accounting for 88.4 % of the total availability.

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