Destiny 2 guide: How to get the Xenophage Exotic machine gun

July 3, 2021

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s Festival of the Lost has shown up, and it’s anything but a mystery Exotic journey. The weapon at the focal point of the mission is the Xenophage Exotic assault rifle. In any case, before you can get the firearm , you’ll need to wander on a couple of confounded missions to discover it.


Here’s the way to get the Xenophage Exotic assault rifle.


Note: Players are as yet working through this to a great extent covered up mission. As we and the local area find out additional, we’ll update this guide with screen captures and tips on the best way to finish it.




This initial step is tied in with discovering the mission to kick you off. The journey is covered up on the moon, inside Sorrow’s Harbor. When you land at the harbor, enter the pinnacle and follow the passages. You’ll arrive at a light in the center of the cavern.


A cavern inside Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s Sorrow’s Harbor tower.


The opening in the divider behind the light on the ground Bungie through Polygon


When you arrive at this light, stroll past it and hop into the secret opening in the divider to one side. Follow the passage inside the opening until you arrive at a stage sitting above the pyramid, with two sculptures on one or the other side.


Two sculptures remain close to one another. The first is set apart with a one and the second with a 2


The right side sculptures and the request they ought to be enacted Bungie through Polygon


Two sculptures set apart with the numbers 3 and 4


The left side sculptures and the request they ought to be actuated Bungie by means of Polygon


You’ll have to communicate with every one of the four sculptures.


We began with the sculpture nearest to the passageway on the right side, then, at that point the extreme right sculpture, then, at that point the extreme left sculpture lastly the nearby left sculpture. While this code worked for us, there have been reports of a few different codes on the Destiny 2 beginners guide.


Whenever you’ve entered the code accurately, another chest will show up on the overhang. Open the chest, and you’ll get another mission that sends you onto the following stage of the journey.


The principal mission of the Xenophage Exotic




The second step of the Xenophage journey sends you to the Anchor of Light. From that point, you’ll need to track down a little bundle of light and use it to light a portion of the podiums covered up around the space. You can see the area of the chunk of light on the guide beneath where the green bolt is on the guide underneath.


A guide of Destiny 2’s moon with a green bolt highlighting the produce of a chunk of light The produce area for the wad of light Bungie through Polygon The principal platform you’ll have to enact is directly close to where the light produces. Get the light, and walk it over the podium. This is what the first resembles: A little round platform sits on the floor of a room with a player holding a chunk of light remaining over it. The principal podium you’ll have to light Bungie by means of Polygon

Every one of the podiums appear to be indistinguishable, yet you’ll have to light them in a particular request. Here’s a guide with the areas and orders of the platforms: A guide of the Anchor of Light on Destiny 2 beginner guide moon with explicit areas checked


Podium areas and request Bungie through Reddit client Dopmeister


When you light the first, you’ll have 60 seconds to make it to the following. This clock will reset each time you light another platform. A large portion of them are not difficult to track down, yet the fourth one could be precarious. It’s up on the third floor of the pinnacle in the Anchor of Light.


After you light every one of the six platforms, you’ll get a message that says “You are prepared to rise out of the dim.” Once you see that, you’ll get a target pointer prompting the last area for this progression.


Store the light where the game advises you to, and you’ll get the following stage in the Xenophage mission.


Stage 2 of The Journey Destiny 2: Shadowkeep mission




This segment of the mission sends you to gather parts from each Lost Sector on the moon. To get these parts, you’ll need to play through the Lost Sectors very much like you typically would. When you arrive at the end you’ll discover a riddle along the divider close to the exit of each Lost Sector.


These riddles have an assortment of images and you’ll have to make them all match to get the part.


A divider loaded with images toward the finish of a Lost Sector in Destiny 2 xenophageShadowkeep Every one has a confounded arrangement, and fortunately a Discord client named “Haiku” has accommodatingly assembled them all. The answers for Destiny 2’s part confounds on the moon




For the following part of the mission, you’ll need to head into the game’s new Pit of Heresy prison. To gain admittance to the prison converse with Eris and complete her short journey line. Whenever you’ve done that you’ll have to track down a secret image less entryway inside the prison. The entryway is on a divider brimming with entryways and images.




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