How To Clean A Petrol Lawn Mower

July 5, 2021

You should clean the mower regularly to maintain its efficiency. Frequent cleaning will prevent dust build-up and corrosion. Also, it will not allow any of the lawn diseases to spread.

Wet grasses stuck beneath your mower while it’s mowing the lawn. The moisture within these green cuttings leads to rust, which will degrade the performance of your tool. Periodic cleaning will not allow the rust to spread that hence, the machine will offer smooth cutting results.

Clean the mower once every 30 days during the peak season. Wash the machine thoroughly before storing it for the winter. If you put the tool away without any scrubbing, then your cleaning session in the upcoming springs will be very tough.

The best time to clean the mower is right after lawn mowing. As the grasses are not dry, you can remove them easily. Wait longer and you will deal with a lot of grass accumulations that are tough to take out.

Directions to clean a mower

Make sure that the gas tank is empty and tilt your mower up to an extent that you can easily access its underside. Prop the machine using a wooden block or any other similar object. Turn off the fuel and remove the spark plug before doing anything. Keep in mind that the spark plug should face the sky while tilting the mower.

  • Remove all the grass and debris. Wear leather gloves and take out all the debris that you find around the blade or any other area beneath the mower.
  • Rinse the mower: Use a garden hose to loosen all the accumulated dirt and grasses. Some of them will leave the mower due to the water flow.
  • Apply a cleaner: Spray a high-quality cleaner on the underside of your mower. Use a brush to get rid of leftover dirt, oil, and grime.
  • Rinse the machine: Utilize the garden hose to rinse the blades and set the tool upright.
  • Spray a cleaner on the mower’s deck: Make sure you are not spraying anything on wires, connections, starter assembly, and other electrical items.
  • Rinse the mower again and use a clean cloth to dry it. You can also use an air drier for fast results.

Now you know how to clean the deck of your mower. Let’s discuss the steps to clean all other parts of the machine.


How to clean a lawn mower engine?

Remove the spark plug, before you start cleaning the engine. To complete this step, you need a brush, some cold water, engine degreaser. Avoid using compressed air to clean the engine. Otherwise, some of the small dust and debris might enter inaccessible parts of the mower.

Make sure that the engine is cool before you clean it. Do not clean corroded parts. Instead, replace them. You can use a bristle brush to clean the flywheel fins and the blower housing. A strong air jet is also useful in washing these parts.

You should also clean the throttle links, mower choke, and battery terminals. Lubricate both the battery terminals to prevent corrosion. After cleaning these components, you will find that the mower is running efficiently.


How to clean the lawn mower spark plug?

A dirty spark plug will not ignite the engine. So, you should clean it regularly. Take out the spark plug using a socket wrench, clean all its dirt using a wire brush and spark plug cleaner. Connect the plug back, but do not overtighten it. If you notice stubborn accumulations, burned electrodes, or cracked porcelain, then it’s time to replace the plug.


How to clean lawn mower carburetor?

A clogged or corroded carburetor can harm your mower. If you see any corrosion over the part, we suggest you replace it. You can clean the carburetor if it’s dirty.

Fortunately, you can take care of the carburetor without even removing it. Use a carb spray can clean both internal and external parts of the carburetor.


Final talk

Now you know how to clean a petrol lawnmower. A clean and maintained lawn mowing machine performs according to your expectations all its life. It never creates unwanted troubles and asks you for repair costs or emplacements. So, prepare your mower for the upcoming springs and enjoy a healthy as well as an attractive garden.




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