All You Need to Know about Buying Used Okuma CNC Machines

July 9, 2021

A Japanese company with production in North Carolina, Okuma is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of multi-axis CNC machines in and around North America. They have a massive network responsible for the machine’s services and repairs, which promise a very smooth operational experience. 


The CNC machines by Okuma are also very smart and efficient as they have their control center powered by the Windows operating system, paired with the provided maintenance packages. These machines are designed to ensure the maximum life and efficiency at operations. 


Thanks to their easy maintenance via centers spread all over America, any fault with the operations of Okuma CNC can be easily replaced with authentic components. This maintenance level is also one of the many reasons why every major manufacturer uses Okuma lathe machines for operations.


In the following segments, we will be discussing about used machinery sales and what should be kept in mind while making these kinds of purchases. 


What is the Speciality of Okuma CNC lathes?

Okuma is one of the most renowned multi-axis CNC lathe production companies in America, and its products are used all over the world. They manufacture a wide range of vertical and horizontal lathes and even machines with multitasking capabilities. Okuma CNC lathes machines provide complete flexibility to the user, by providing a wide range of bed lengths, bore sizes, and other optional features to choose from.  


Given the functionality of such tools, only a custom part can be built using the CNC machine. This improves the value for money for these machines, and increases process efficiency for the manufacturing company. 


The CNC machines by Okuma can be used by both small-scale innovators that wish to perform small-scale projects involving custom parts and large-scale industries that are into manufacturing. 


The factor that separates Okuma machines from the competition is their complementary software support. Their app and inbuilt software make the most use of all the data and resources they get to automate the entire process. This improves the level of automation enjoyed by the manufacturer and ensures as few errors as possible.  


What is the Need for Buying Used Okuma Machines?


Okuma machines are known to provide the best variety of tools, perfect for a wide range of operations and functionality. However, being one of the most versatile equipment comes with its own costs, making the Okuma brand a costly affair for some manufacturers. 


Therefore, if you are just starting or have a workforce but are not able to make such a big investment, then going for the used machines is the wisest step to take. 


Following are the key points for which manufacturers like to buy from used machinery dealers:

  • They have a very large distribution network which means authentic replacement parts can be easily found.
  • All the parts are made indigenously, so there is much more reliability in knowing that all the parts like drives, encoders, and controls will be available from one place.
  • Okuma products are known for their reliability, and so they will provide value for their cost.


There is an entire market dedicated to reselling used machines, and the official companies support them. The reseller market is very reliable, and they will also provide proper guarantees and repairings when needed. But still, you should check all the details about a machine to check out if the used machinery for sale is original and worth the money that the seller is asking for. 


What to Look Out for While Buying Used CNC Machines? 

Used CNC machines, if chosen properly, can offer you a very good deal, and Okuma machines with their reputation will go a long way. But if the machine is not examined properly before buying them, then there is a chance that the manufacturer might be paying more than what the machine is worth. Following are some of the points to keep in mind while making a purchase.


  • Understand your requirements – There are many tools and machinery types available under the Okuma brand. However, just because they are available from a well-renowned company doesn’t make it the most useful tool that the manufacturer buys. 


So, before making a purchase, you should have a proper understanding of the tasks you plan to execute with the machinery. It is only after understanding the type of operations, should you choose the most appropriate machine.


  • See the machine at work – Instead of believing every word that the seller tells, the buyer should always check all the machines while in action. It will help them in identifying the faults in the machine, if there are any. 


A genuine used machinery dealer will always ask the manufacturer to test the machine before making a purchase. There might be problems even after that, but the chances of that happening will be very minimal. 


  • Check different documents and paperwork – Checking the paperwork is a must as it gives an idea about where the machine was used earlier. It also provides a list of the parts that have been repaired or replaced by the past owner and how many hours of work has been done by the machine for the previous manufacturer. 


It also gives them an idea about potential problems that they might be facing in the future and if they can be repaired or not. 


  • Verify minute details – There can be minute faults in the machine, as some grounded or damaged part or some crack in the body. These faults can sometimes turn out to be a major problem while operating the machine. 


For these reasons, these things should be properly checked, and it should be ensured that there are not any major damages that are unrepaired in the future. 



Okuma CNC machines are one of the favorites of manufacturers worldwide, but they come with a very hefty price tag. So, to avail the usability of these Okuma lathes without investing such an amount of money, most companies prefer buying used machines that are still in usable condition. These are much lower, and if a few things are kept in mind, it can be a very fruitful purchase for any manufacturing company. 

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