Five Tips You Need To Ensure A Memorable First Wedding Anniversary

July 10, 2021

Have you been counting down the days to your first anniversary? As far as anniversaries go, the first one is always special and will forever hold a prominent place in both your hearts.

It might seem like yesterday when you first recited your vows and said, ‘I do.’ You blinked, and now, it is close to one year since that momentous day. 

Now that you are close to your first anniversary, you might be considering how to celebrate it in the best way possible and make your spouse feel loved and cherished.

If that is what has been occupying your mind, you are reading the right article. We have compiled five simple yet adorable ways to celebrate your first anniversary with your spouse.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

Due to the haste of everyday life, you and your spouse might not get enough time to spend with each other. Let your first anniversary change that. Take some time off of work and spend it with your better half.

Talk to them, watch a movie together or just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Spending time together, basking in the romantic feels, staring into each other’s eyes is the best way you can spend your first anniversary.

Reminisce Your Wedding Day

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and relive your wedding day? Most of the time, right? Well, your first anniversary might be the perfect time for you to do that.

Take out your wedding albums and videos and go through them. But, there is a catch. Do not just put in the wedding CD on your TV and press play. Rather, create a romantic atmosphere — darken the room, pop open a bottle of wine or champagne, and maybe even dress yourselves in your wedding clothes.

Go through the video and photos, recalling funny anecdotes from the time of your wedding, and relive the single most important day in your life with your better half, your soulmate.

In addition, you can even rewrite or re-recite your vows.

Gift Your Spouse A Chocolate Bouquet!

No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a bouquet. It will never cease to bring a smile to your soulmate’s face. Sure, flowers are the traditional way to surprise your spouse and make them feel loved. But this time, kick it up a notch. Chocolate bouquet gifts are the new celebration trend these days!

Take Your Spouse In The Old Times

The first place you meet your spouse will always be the most special one for the both of you. Your first anniversary will be the perfect occasion to revisit that place and look back at your journey.

If you do that, it will help your spouse recollect those fond memories associated with that place and will prove to be a very romantic getaway.

Swap Handwritten Love Letters

Nothing amplifies a person’s feelings better than reading a handwritten love letter written by your better half. Your first anniversary will be the perfect time to start with a new tradition which you can carry on for the rest of your married life.

Write a love letter to each other on your anniversary but don’t open it yet. Rather, open it on your next anniversary. By doing this, you can read the message your partner wrote for you 12 months back. Moreover, you will also have a bunch of classic love letters treasured in the upcoming years.

Final Word

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary should not be as difficult as it sounds. Reinvent some traditional ideas and mould them according to your needs and desires. 

Stated above are effective ideas to celebrate your first anniversary in a way that will be remembered and cherished by you and your soulmate for the rest of your lives. Follow these tips, and we assure you will have a memorable time!

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