Things to Do on a Day in Harrogate

July 19, 2021

Have a picnic on The Stray

You will find a vast expanse of public parkland measuring over 200 acres right in the middle of town. This is called the Stray; if you really try you can almost imagine that you are located right in the middle of Central Park.

Take some time to sit back and enjoy yourself. Soon you will see fitness enthusiasts come jogging by or local workers on a lunch break. If you happen to be visiting Harrogate on a Saturday afternoon, you will find families gathering for an afternoon picnic. It is truly a lovely place to sit and enjoy your afternoon, and while there isn’t a whole lot to do, there is hardly a better place in the world to do absolutely nothing. 

Enjoy afternoon tea at Bettys Harrogate

It may be a little too traditional, but no visit to Harrogate would be complete without a visit to the famous Betty’s Café Tea Rooms

I have spoken loud and long of my great fondness for the York Branch of Betty’s Café and Tea Rooms and the Harrogate branch is no different.

You will find the finest selection of teas, cakes and the most amazing sweet treats you can imagine. Afternoon tea here is nothing short of the very best. You will find that Betty’s is a highly regarded establishment in the middle of town and there is hardly a better place for a delectable brunch. 

Stroll through Valley Gardens

Another terrific outdoor environment that you should consider is the picturesque surroundings at Valley Gardens. This impressively beautiful location is open 24 hours a day all year. So, no matter the type of weather or the climate you can come on by and enjoy a stroll through a small slice of paradise. 

Within the Valley Gardens, you will find an amazing selection of beautiful flower displays, a skate park, an attractive kid’s playground and even an Art Deco pavilion. 

All through the long and bright summer months you will find a whole selection of engaging events that are sure to delight and amaze. There are live music shows, outdoor games that the whole family can enjoy including pitch and putt, crazy golf, a boating pool, paddling pools and plenty more. 

Indulge in a decadent dessert from Suzetta Harrogate

If you are looking for something sweet and tasty, and brunch at Betty’s didn’t quite fill you up, you may find something delicious at Suzette’s. 

Here you will find a selection of sweet delicacies, including sugary milkshakes, delicious crepes, and a selection of gelato ice creams that will make your head swim. This is the place to go to satisfy that sweet tooth. You are sure to find that the customer service here is on point. When there was a slight problem with my Milky Way Bar milkshake, they offered to completely redo it for me which I thought was absolutely amazing.  

Visit West Park URC Church

Pretty much in the opposite direction of the Stray, you will find the West Park URC Church which is a delightful little building right on the edge of town. 

You don’t have to be particularly religious to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and it is a great place to stop for a rest as you continue into town. 

People watch from The Cenotaph

Also called the Obelisk, this monument honors the memories of the war and is found on Parliament Street in front of Betty’s. 

There are all sorts of cafes and delightful eateries in the area and you will be able to grab a bite to eat before you set out on your way. You can take a few moments to enjoy your lunch and see what the locals are doing as they all go about their daily business.

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