Choosing the Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners for Your Apartment

July 23, 2021


Before going out to buy a new energy-efficient AC unit, make sure that you what you’re getting long before installation. Doing so could save you a lot of headaches from having a machine that you weren’t expecting. Although many energy-efficient ACs are great in power and dependability, not all of them are equal in their ability to cut your energy consumption. To guarantee that yours does, look over these tips before you buy.

Check the SEER and EER Ratings of the AC

Every energy-efficient air conditioner has a SEER and EER rating displayed on the description and outer packaging of the product. It’s to gauge the AC’s ability to save power. The higher the rating, the better the AC.

Energy Star Certification Shouldn’t be Ignored

Eco-friendly ACs in the US have Energy Star ratings. Energy Star is under the EPA. They rate home devices by their ability to use less wattage but output good power. Like SEER and EER, the rating is placed on the product’s advertisement. If it’s certified by Energy Star, that’s an assurance of having an AC capable of more for less.

Look for Smart HVACs

The latest AC units operate in synch with other electronics in modern homes. They can connect to a home’s WiFi system like home computers. If so, the AC is controllable wherever the homeowner is.

Using a smartphone, notebook, or anywhere that internet is available, the units remain in the user’s control. It’s a great way to save on energy costs since users will no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the AC before heading to work. All that’s required is the press of a button through a linked connection to shut it down.

Temperature Control

Old fashioned AC units won’t reduce energy costs by a large number unless completed turned off. Of course, this isn’t a comfortable thing to do. Finding a modern AC with advanced temperature control options is key to getting the perfect comfort level without burning too much power. Digital controls are now a standard for new ACs, as are better temperature reading thermometers.

Choosing According to the Home’s Size

It’s easy to avoid getting an AC that’s too big or small for a house. However, it’s also easy to assume that one can do more or less than expected. For size, retailing AC units are built according to a home’s square footage.

Since most AC units sold display a clear indication of the square footage the system can cover, this should be a big issue. But in the case that there’s no indication, potential buyers can measure off their home themselves or hire an HVAC specialist to do it for them.

Save Energy Where It Matters

With advancing technology, home air conditioning has become more complicated, requiring professional advice and maintenance for installation to go smoothly. Energy-saving units are the same. But knowing what to look for will maximize the energy reductions that consumers want. It helps the environment in a small but beneficial way.


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