Seven Fun Things To Do In Edinburgh At Night

July 26, 2021

The city of Edinburgh, Scotland, does not sleep when the sun goes down! The city’s nightlife is vibrant and full of fun things to do, from enjoying delicious dinners, exploring the stars, or dancing the night away with a glass of whisky in hand.

In this article, we will cover seven popular activities that locals and tourists alike enjoy while exploring Edinburgh’s nightlife. 

#1 Take A Haunted Ghost Tour

Edinburgh’s history stretches far beyond its founding as the Scottish capital in 1437. This city has seen murderous monarchs, dastardly deeds, and murky mysteries. As such, there are plenty of haunted ghost tours to be had in Edinburgh.

The ghost tours of Edinburgh explore underground faults, spooky streets, ghostly graveyards, and all manners of haunted places. You can take a ride on a double-decker bus and explore the haunts of Edinburgh or take a more extensive walking tour. 

# 2 Sit Down For A Whisky Tasting

Whisky and Scotland go hand in hand. Only Scotland produces Scotch whisky, after all. Scotland boasts over 100 working whisky distilleries, and the drink has come to represent a part of the country’s heritage. So be sure to sit down for a whisky tasting while in Edinburgh! 

During a whisky tasting, you explore different kinds of local scotch whisky from local distilleries. There are dozens of tasting options to explore in the city, but popular locations include:

  • The Scottish Whisky Esperience
  • Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • Scotch Whisky at the Balmoral Hotel

# 3 Find Good Eats In Old Town

Old Town is the heart of Edinburgh. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts some of the oldest structures in the city. At night, it is popular for locals and tourists to walk up and down Old Town to enjoy dinner and scenery. 

You will find an excellent fair on The Royal Mile, Old Town’s main street, and scattered throughout the rest of Old Town. You can find anything from Indian to French, but you can always find classic Scottish foods around the corner! Check out some of these local favorites:

  • The Witchery – a restaurant known for its gorgeous scenery and good food.
  • Greyfriars Bobby Bar – a local favorite with Scottish classics.
  • Whiski Room – a local favorite with plenty of whiskies to sample.
  • Cannonball Restaurant and Bar – a classy, local favorite with Scottish fare and drinks.

And if you prefer not to go dining all alone you might want to invice a companion from Krypton Escort.

# 4 Go Clubbing Or Take A Ceilidh Class

Have you got an itch for dancing and music? There are some of the coolest nightclubs in Edinburgh! There is a nightclub scene for every type of person in the city, from the trendy halls of Cabaret Voltaire to the swanky seats at the Bourbon Bar and Club.

If nightclubs are not your scene, and you want some traditional Scottish culture, consider taking a Ceilidh class. This traditional dance is hosted nightly at many venues, with the most popular being the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club.

# 5 Edinburgh After Hours Events

Many daytime venues for tourists and locals remain open or host special “After Hours” events throughout the year! In addition, art Galleries like the Scottish National Gallery and the Edinburgh Theatre have evening and nighttime events around the year.

The fabulous Edinburgh Castle hosts after-hours events like Knight At The Castle with live music and activities. At the National Museum of Scotland, evening soirees, lectures, and exhibit events frequently crop up during the year. 

# 6 Visit The Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory in Edinburgh stays open far later than most clubs in the city. A visit to the observatory lets you take an up-close and personal look at the stars of the night sky.

The Royal Observatory hosts special events that include symposiums on astronomical topics, viewings of planetary events, and other enriching experiences for visitors. 

# 7 Climb Arthur’s Seat

The legend of King Arthur lives on in Edinburgh. You can climb Arthur’s Seat, the remnants of an extinct volcano said to be the ancient site of Camelot. The hill stands in Holyrood Park, and the crest of the hill offers stunning 360-degree views of Edinburgh.

It is tradition for locals and students to climb the rugged hill at night and settle in with whisky and a blanket to wait for the sunrise. When sunrise hits, you will see Edinburgh in all its glory from the hilltop!

There is so much to do in Edinburgh; you will have a hard time settling on just one thing! Enjoy your time exploring all that the city has to offer at night!

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