Five Places to Visit in Tel Aviv

August 9, 2021

Israel is one of the most youthful, exotic, and beautiful countries in the world. The rich culture and the lively ambiance adds up to the immense superiority of the place. Tel Aviv is one such place in Israel that steals your heart. Here are the five best places to visit in Tel Aviv.

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Beautiful beaches

A sandy beach is always a better solution to blow off some steam from the busy weekday. And the beaches of Tel Aviv are nothing less. Here are a few famous beaches,

  • Banana Beach
  • Gordon beach
  • Frishman beach

The road that runs alongside the beautiful beach is full of cafes that offer a great view. The beaches also provide the tourists with various facilities like showers, rented sunshades, and sun lounges. Therefore you can spend an entire day taking in the beauty of the beach without worrying about anything else.


An old town is always a treat to witness. The ancient architecture will give you a sense of excitement to learn more about the history of that place. The Jaffa is one such old port in Israel that is at the shore. You will find many restaurants and boutiques. Previously, it used to be a Bazar. But now the whole site is updated to have fancy restaurants so that the tourists can relax. Though the entire street is a beauty to look at, one of the major attractions here is the very famous flea market. It has an old-fashioned charm that never fails to amaze the tourists.


Art Museum

Art is a spiritual knowledge that very few people understand in depth. The Art Museum of Tel Aviv is a magical place that showcases great painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, Henry Moore, and many more. The building is modern, and the architecture is ultra-sophisticated. In addition to the permanent exhibits present, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time, including charity art galas.

Bialik street

The very famous Bialik house, Beit Ha’ir, House of artist Reuven Rubin resides here. The place is indeed the home of the three iconic ancient dwellings. The rich history behind every one of these buildings is fascinating. Every nook and corner is a beauty in itself.


It is one of the most famous old port areas of Tel Aviv. Though its existence goes back to the early years, today, the whole architecture is different. We find many cafes, restaurants, shopping complexes, etc., in the way. Usually, families come out here with their children to spend their weekends or visit the art galleries. The youth come here almost every day for a relaxing walk. At times, they host live music concerts as well. So you can enjoy your weekend losing yourself in the beat of the drums.

 So if you ever plan to visit there, above are the top 5 sites you have to check out.

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