Five Ways To Make Your Daughter’s Homecoming Dance Unforgettable

August 9, 2021

Homecoming dances are just around the corner, which means your daughter is no doubt excited beyond belief for this significant event. Few moments in your daughter’s teenage life will feel as important as this — so do not mess it up. No pressure, right? Wrong! That was a trick question, you have a teenage child so you should be used to those by now. Do not panic though, here are five ways to help you stay in her good books:

  1. Makeup

First things first: makeup. Homecoming is not the type of event that you can call Aunt Sissy in to help, unless, of course, she happens to be a professional makeup artist. The only exception to this is if you have tons of experience with applying makeup like a pro and can give her some great tips, if your version of makeup is chunky blocked eyeshadow then you need to call for help. This is one of the nights that your daughter will remember for the rest of her life, the least you can do is make sure that it is a fond memory and not one she cringes about until she is 85.

  • Dress

This is the single most important element to the entire ensemble; you need to get this one right. Consult the professionals for Dallas homecoming dresses, that way you’ll be sure to find something classy that you can both fall in love with. Your daughter is likely going to want to fight you on this one so she can show the most amount of skin possible but remember that she is young and still has a lot to learn. She might not want to listen to her mother being the voice of reason, but teenagers tend to willingly listen to the advice of random strangers. Bless them!

  • Hair

Once you have nailed down what look you are after in terms of makeup and the dress, next up is the hair. There are pros and cons for both updos and loose styles so this one just comes down to personal preference. There is just something so timeless about an elegant, romantic updo, but provided she does not want something too outrageous; you can probably let her make this decision by herself.

  • Shoes

A dress is nothing without the perfect pair of shoes to accompany it. Your daughter is probably going to want to pick the highest heels available but try and talk some sense into her. Homecoming is about more than just looking good; it is about having one of the best nights of your young adult life and there is nothing fun about blisters. Remind her that she is going to want to dance, and stilettos are not particularly dancing friendly.

  • Curfew

This one might not go down too well at first but hear me out. This is not a night that happens every weekend, so let her stay out with her friends a little later, particularly if she gets good grades and is a well-adjusted young lady. This one all depends on the trust relationship you have with your child and your parenting rules, but, if possible, you should extend her curfew — but only for special events, like this one.

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