Why It’s Smart to Buy Tacoma Bed Stiffeners For Your Truck

August 9, 2021
Tacoma Bed Stiffeners

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If you’ve taken the wise decision of investing in a Toyota Tacoma, you, like most, are likely to have done so because of what it offers to the off-road fan. If that is the case and you intend to get out there and do some serious off-roading,  then a set of Tacoma bed stiffeners should be right at the top of your shopping list.

The same goes if you’re planning to run a bed rack or camper shell on your truck, as, these uses and activities place a stress on your truck bed that it simply can’t handle when it’s set up as they are when they come out of the factory. That’s because the composite materials standard beds are made from aren’t able to stand up to any kind of specialist-use abute.


Cracks & Alignment Issues

The reason why Tacoma bed stiffeners are such a good idea is the fact that when you don’t, the aforementioned standard-fit truck beds can crack and bend. It can also lead to major issues like tailgate mis-alignment, bed flex and sometimes damaged rear lights.

Because of the length of your truck’s bed, any kind of weight or driving-related abuse can cause this warping, which can have a very real effect on how your vehicle handles. However, with the reinforcement that bed stiffeners provide, this isn’t a worry.

When you’re talking about a vehicle that retails at anywhere from $45k-$60k (depending on the model and optional extras you go for), you don’t want to ruin the integrity of your Tacoma because you opted against buying a product that costs less than $200. It doesn’t make sense, does it?


So, What Exactly Are Bed Stiffeners?

When you buy Tacoma bed stiffeners, you’ll notice when they arrive, just how simple their design is. Created from 3/16” thick steel, these L-shaped products simply bolt into place at the rear of your truck’s bed. You’ll also find, once installed, that these stiffeners also provide extra tied-down points, with some even featuring bottle openers and flag pole mounts.

So, in addition to the extra rigidity your bed stiffeners give to the composite base of your truck’s bed, you’ll also get some extra functionality. That said, it’s the main role that they carry out that gives them their value, as the rocking and movement from side to side – the movement that causes the damage – is greatly reduced.

They also help when a large amount of weight is applied onto your truck bed from products like rooftop tents and bed racks, protecting the sides of the beds too.


Tacoma Bed Stiffeners Represent a Savvy Investment

Whichever way you slice it, the wisdom of investing in bed stiffeners for your truck is sound, for the many reasons we’ve covered. It’s a cost-effective way to deal with the issue, allowing you to do everything you planned to when you shelled out for your Tacoma in the first place.

Of course, if you’re not going to put your truck through this kind of abuse, then you’ll likely be fine without them. But what’s fun about a truck you can’t put through it’s paces? Just our opinion, of course, but one we think that many will agree with.

What you do is your business, but if you want our advice, invest in a set. We’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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