Patios: An Outdoor Transformation to Try

August 24, 2021
patios in Brisbane

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Most people spend time recreating their rooms and other internal spaces within their home but barely do anything about the backyards and lawns. However, if you are now looking for transformation ideas to recreate your external space, it’s high time to think about installing a patio. Australians have been switching to constructing patios for numerous benefits they offer as some designs give shade from the sun. Paved patios in Brisbane are also growing considerably, as they last longer and are resistant to extreme weather conditions. They also offer a warm shelter during the winter season. So, next time you can invite your friends for a barbeque night this winter.

Knowing the types

If you have trouble maintaining your huge lawns, you can quickly transform them into patios. The options are versatile. Here are some common surface choices you can explore.


Patios are similar to pavers and use bricks for the paving. However, the bricks used in this design aren’t the usual building bricks. Although these bricks have a thinner texture, they have similar strength to that of regular bricks. Brick patios are the most preferred patio choice as they beautify the outdoor space along with being functional.

One can either go with the classic red or other colour options complementing the adjacent paint shades. Again, you have choices with the pattern like a 45-Degree Herringbone or a 90-Degree Herringbone. Brisbane, being home to several galleries, museums, and arts centres has kept the charm of the paved brick surface aesthetic alive.


Gravel for patio surfaces best suits spaces within Brisbane that experience rain frequently. It’s because Pea gravel extraordinarily resists rain and keeps the water from flooding on the surface. Gravels, made out of a mixture of stones like granite and limestone, leave a contemporary appeal. If you are looking for an affordable surface option, then there is nothing better than gravel. They are inexpensive and can also help you save some bucks on its installation.


Concrete for patios is the current buzz with many loving it due to its polished finish. They are highly durable and robust in comparison to other materials and are the best choice for Brisbane’s winter nights that drip to 9 degrees. If you are looking for a patio transformation, concrete patios can work well as they minimise gaps leading to weed growth. Concrete pavers also offer enough decorative options and ultimately give you the finest designed square.

Benefits of installing a patio

1. Get some utility space

As Queensland is witnessing new Covid-19 clusters, patios in Brisbane can be the only space to move outdoors. Patios can make your backyards functional to spend some quality time with your family and friends. To add utility, you can add some outdoor furniture and a bonfire for the night!

2. Entertainment at low maintenance

Patios are often easy and less expensive to maintain. Regularly sealing them with the appropriate sealants is all you have to do! Otherwise, they remain durable and can last a lifetime without being affected by rains and snow.

3. Supports summer outdoor moments

Brisbane’s summer can hit up to 29.8°C, and barbeque feasts seem almost impossible on lawns, open with the scorching sun. In such cases, patios turn highly functional to escape the heat and yet throw a feast. A patio helps you live a differentiated home life! You can watch the sunset or have dinner within this transformed space that you never used before.

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